Dr. Snoopy the Time Lord

It was suggested to me today that Snoopy must be a time lord, since his doghouse seems to be bigger on the inside than the outside.

Apparently this is not the first time the idea has occurred to someone, since I found these pictures online:


There are other Peanuts meets Doctor Who images out there.

And there is at least one other obvious candidate for a time lord with a TARDIS:

See here for evidence not only that his garbage can is bigger on the inside than the outside, but also that he has regenerated!

Richard Carrier at SBL
Romans and a Miracle-Worker
Get a Life
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  • Anna

    I would like to speak up for the ladies here, by saying that if you limit yourself to very small booth-like buildings, you miss other time lordish activities.

    I would like to nominate Hermione Granger and Mary Poppins, as they both are able to pull anything and everything one could possibly need out of their handbags.

    I might add that a good handbag is far more convenient than a booth.

    • Bert

      I forgot their handbags could travel through SPACE AND TIME.

      • Michaelsnooze


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  • http://www.patheos.com/community/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

    I think that those of us who know someone with a transdimensional handbag and see what they are capable of often can start to take them for granted. Sorry for neglecting to mention them!

    I’m still not sure that they are more convenient to enter and exit, but they are in general far less likely to be misplaced than the Doctor’s TARDIS.