The Doctor’s Facebook Wall

Via Brad Matthies. Click through to see it better and in all its detail on BuzzFeed. And don’t miss the Doctor’s religious views… [Read more...]

Biblioblog Top 50 for August 2011

The biblioblog rankings for the past month have been posted, and Exploring Our Matrix came in at #2. Thank you to all readers! And commiserations to Jim West, who is clearly very grumpy about his current standing. [Read more...]

Some People Learn Evangelism From Video Games

From Haiku Circus via Arni Zachariassen (who brilliantly dubbed it “Tractman”). [Read more...]

Review of The Gnostics: Myth, Ritual, and Diversity in Early Christianity by David Brakke

My review of The Gnostics: Myth, Ritual, and Diversity in Early Christianity by David Brakke has appeared in Review of Biblical Literature and can be read online. [Read more...]

If God Got Elected

Via the Uniblog [Read more...]

My Favorite Music: Kurt Atterberg, Symphony No.2, 2nd movement

Joel Watts recently discovered 20th century orchestral music in the form of The Planets by Gustav Holst. I was all set to leave a recommendation of my favorites and complain about the fact that there is nowhere online to listen to one of my all-time favorite pieces of music, Kurt Atterberg’s Second Symphony, when a [Read More...]

September 2011 Biblical Studies Carnival Episode III: The Final Frontier as the Carnival Strikes Back

You’ve presumably seen episode I and episode II. The final installment of this carnival, like the later seasons of LOST, unveils what some of you suspected all along, its sci-fi character. And of course, fans of this carnival, like LOST fans, will debate endlessly whether the writer had this in mind from the outset or [Read More...]

Darth Vader Will Be Punished In The Afterlife After All (and other matters of religion and science fiction)

As the Sci-Fi Catholic reports, George Lucas is intervening in the Star Wars universe again to inflict punishment on Darth Vader much as he has done to Yoda.┬áIO9 describes it as Darth Vader “losing a little more of his dignity.” Also in the realm of religion and science fiction, and more specifically the justice of [Read More...]