Brief Update (With Pictures!) on the Lead Codices

Tom Verenna has written an article which has just appeared online in The Bible and Interpretation which explains clearly and concisely why increasing numbers of scholars have reached the conclusion that the lead books allegedly discovered in Jordan are fakes.

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  • Just Sayin’

    It’s funny how he singles out Philip Davies and repeats over and over again how Davies has shown “admirable caution”.  As if every other scholar hasn’t shown far more caution!

    Yes, Davies has made some cautious statements, in amongst a lot of enthusiastic statements!  Of course, Verenna ignores each and every one of Davies many enthusiastic statements about the codices, pretending they don’t exist.

  • Anonymous

    Having known Philip Davies long before this whole fiasco, I can tell you he is not involved in the deception.  If anything, out of respect for Philip, I limited my mention of him because I know how he feels on the subject, as we have had our own private conversations on the matter out of the public eye.  He is quite happy with the work the email group has done exposing these codices, and once he sees what we’ve seen (more to come this week), he will certainly reconsider his position–much of it which rests upon the Sheffield and Jordan metallurgical reports. 

    As for ‘ignoring’ his comments, I’m not sure which you feel are ‘enthusiastic’–I am sure you are simply mistaking his cautiously optimistic positions for ‘enthusiasm’, but I’m not sure why.  I’ve more than adequately discussed Philips’ words and meaning on my own blog.  It is quite unfortunate that his caution is being taken for ‘enthusiasm’. 

  • Just Sayin’

    LOL.  Davies has been talking up the fake codices from the beginning and still is. 

    “They are probably not a hoax or a forgery” claims Davies, Prof. Emeritus, Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield. 

    As for your comments about your longstanding friendship with him, this only confirms your partisanship and highly selective use of Davies statements.  Defending a friend is laudable but scholarship should always trump cronyism.