Goodbye, Google Reader?

It sounds as though the time has come to say farewell to Google Reader – whether we like to or not. The announced plan to eliminate Google Reader and integrate some (but not all) of its features with Google+ will presumably affect this blog in at least one concrete way: the sidebar in which I share links to things of interest on other blogs will presumably have to be eliminated, since the “Share” feature is one of the components of Google Reader due to be eliminated, and the sidebar feed depends on that feature.

The good news is that anyone who wants to still see those somewhat random links that are too interesting not to do something with, but which I don’t have time to mention in an actual blog post, can find me on Google+. It sounds as though what is left of Google Reader will include the “+1” button and allow things to be shared on Google+.

In the meantime, presumably we should all export our Google Reader data and back it up, in case something goes wrong…

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  • Anonymous

    I’m hoping the share feature—which I never use—will be be integrated so that an article I come across in my Reader feed can be posted to G+. The current cut’n’paste link dance isn’t that hard, but it is a little onerous.

    If this integration is done well both services should be wonderfully enhanced. If not…

  • Paul D.

    These changes are unfortunate. I subscribe to your shared feed list in my own RSS reader, and that accounts for a large portion of the interesting articles I read.

  • James F. McGrath

    If you’re willing, we can put one another in Google+ circles…