How To Solve Any Computer Problem

It has been a while since this has been circulated, and so I thought it about time to share it again

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  • Matt Lemieux

    That’s an xkcd original comic:

    Love his work. :)

  • Kelly Schmitt Youngberg

    If I had a hundred dollars for every time that I gave the Google advice, I’d have a second career.

  • James F. McGrath

    @13f04c58b47040729a0dd784b8ea15d3:disqus : Thanks for reminding me where it came from originally! I’ll add the link to the post…

  • Nancy Scott

    *You too Can Be a Computer Mechanic for Dummies should immediately reprint their book to include this flowchart!

    *does anyone still read this?

  • Redhat linux

    Simple yet very instructive way on how to solve computer problem. How have you managed to procure an illustration like this?

  • James F. McGrath

    As is posted above, the source is: 

  • mason

    worst fellow with worst header