How To Care For Introverts

A few items relevant to understanding introverts have come my way over the past few days. I’ve already shared them on Facebook but thought they deserved to be shared in a blog post as well. First, there is this poster (which seems to have started life in a much simpler format):

UPDATE: Click here for the original source of the image above.

There is in fact an article devoted to the topic as well from The Atlantic. And if you need something briefer, there’s this, which sums up one difference between introverts and extroverts in a nutshell…

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  • Chris Wilson

    There was recently a very good TED talk on this very subject

  • James F. McGrath

    I added a link – thanks for making this wonderful poster, and for letting me know where to attribute credit!

    • Elysianashes

      Thank you so much! I had no idea this thing would take off like it did, and realized later that I probably should have watermarked it or something. I really appreciate you adding the link!