Claude Champagne (1891-1965) – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D minor (1948)

Thanks to a Facebook group I am in, I had the pleasure of discovering, and now of sharing with you, this surprisingly short and quite magnificent romantic piano concerto. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Bretton Garcia

    There are at least three or four positions on the relation between Art and Religion:
    1) There are people who feel that Art, including music, is a legitimate part of religion (as exemplified by psalms, holy statues and objects, spectacular churches, etc.).
    2) Or that Art is a kind of extension of religion. (As you might feel?)
    3) Others feel that Art is a legitimate kind of religion, in itself. (As Humanists might say).
    4) Others suggest that Art is an illegitimate and dangerous replacement or competitor for real religion. (As iconoclasts and others sometimes suggested).

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