Thanks to Rod at Political Jesus for pointing out that there will be a conference in July about science fiction and fantasy, held under the auspices of the Orthodox Church in America. It is called Doxacon.

There’s something very cool about a sci-fi and fantasy conference which features Vespers and other elements of divine liturgy!

In related news, we are working on having a one day conference in England in October on religion and Doctor Who. The provisional date is Saturday the 26th of October. Expect more details soon!

John Morehead drew my attention to an article in Wired about the latest episode and its treatment of religion. And Gail Dawson made me aware that Anglotopia is looking for people to blog about Doctor Who.

Here are a couple of images with quotes from “The Rings of Akhaten”:

  • Gail D

    Practically next door to me! Thanks for the info!

  • Nick

    Orthodox sci-fi conference? Well that’s gonna be weird.

    I once read a blog by an Orthodox monk that railed against fantasy (especially World of Warcraft) because it encourages people to imagine Jesus as an RPG hero.

    Then again, the US Orthodox laity tend to have the same squee over Lewis and Tolkein that Evangelicals do (one Fr. Richard Renee of British Columbia even wrote a YA fantasy novel himself), so it should be interesting.