In Doctor Who News

Doctor Who News has a brief piece about the forthcoming book Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith which Andy Crome and I have edited. It is already available for pre-order on Amazon in the UK (not yet through Amazon in the United States). I can’t guarantee that anyone will get them early as a result of pre-ordering, as some fans did with Blu-Ray copies of season 7.

Doctor Who News quotes David Moloney of Darton, Longman, and Todd as follows:

 The book will be published on 29th October 2013, and its new title is Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith (and yes, there is a reason for the plural dimensions – as the editors Andrew Crome and James McGrath explain inside the book). The book is currently estimated to be a 304 page 198x126mm paperback, with 19 chapters written by contributors from the UK, US and Australia covering a wonderfully diverse range of subjects – all related to the exploration of religious themes in Doctor Who (in its many forms – TV old and new, books, audios, comics, etc).

As a Doctor Who fan myself I am absolutely delighted to be publishing this book in the show’s 50th anniversary year.

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