Viva La Library (The Information Literacy Song)

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I was looking recently for an amusing song to convey key points about information literacy to students. Since I didn’t find something that was in a style I could relate to, I made this. It is goofy, but it’s supposed to me. Hope you enjoy it!


Viva la Library (The Information Literacy Song)

I used to search the web
Believing stuff random people said
Thought that my roommate was such a nerd
When to the library he referred

I used to roll the dice
Type some keywords and close my eyes
Push the button, trust it would bring
Answers to all my questions, everything

I thought that Google held the key
Until I saw my grade was a “D”
And I discovered that success depends
Upon wise use of sources I understand

JSTOR has stuff that’s peer reviewed
Wikis are written by God-knows-who
Google Books keeps so much concealed
‘Til I add “scholar” in the search field

I need  reasons I can explain
Research takes so much more than
Making a random guess
The way I used to search the net

It was the wicked and wild wind
Made me decide I had best stay in
I need to pick a librarian’s brain
But without going out in the pouring rain

They were waiting all this time
Ready to chat with me online
Just to tell me things I should have known
Oh who knew you could research from home?

EBSCO has much you’re looking for
NetLibrary, ebooks galore
I use articles, I use books
But even then take a closer look

These authors have real expertise
Just look at their online CVs
Finding an honest source
That’s what helped me pass the course

JSTOR has stuff that’s peer reviewed
Wikis are written by God-knows-who
Knowledge by Google Books revealed
When I add “scholar” in the search field

Now I’ve reasons – I can explain
That’s a scholar – I searched their name
No more a random guess
The way I used to search the net

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  • Ross

    As a librarian that song made me smile broadly. Such are the perils of the tension between being a digital native and a theology student.

    • James F. McGrath

      Glad you liked it! I’ve had a lot of positive comments from librarians. I think I am going to try to do more educational song parodies in the future! :-)

  • Teacher in Martinsville

    Your song fits “nicely” with Information Literacy, Chapter 4! Great Job!