This came my way today via Facebook:

How would you say “That's boring” in your field of expertise?

(To see the range of ways this is said in my field, just have a look at the recent reviews of Reza Aslan's book Zealot…)


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  • Daniel Manastireanu

    Minister: That’s interesting…

  • Ignorantia Nescia

    None of these is something I have expertise in, thankfully, but:

    Homeopath: That’s been tested.
    Mythicist: That’s attested.
    Acharya S: That’s sane.
    Freudian: That has nothing to do with gonads.

  • VorJack

    I’m an archivist. Boring is the default state, so we have no phrase for it.

  • Preston Garrison

    The philosopher would say, “That’s meaningless.”