Best Night for SBLAARggers Gathering?

Brian LePort may have ended up calling us something rude in British English (he’ll probably fix it), but his question is still an important one. He is asking when the best day is for an evening gathering of bloggers at AAR/SBL, or whether a lunch or breakfast would be preferable. Click through and chime in on his poll, if you are going to AAR/SBL this year and want to attend!

Here is a painting of a previous year’s dinner, in case you are wondering what sort of thing happens there:

Saturday Morning at #SBLAAR15 - John, Jesus, and History
What I Tell My Students: #AARSBL15 Mentoring Luncheon
The #AARSBL15 Bloggers Dinner
Traditions and Religious Worlds of Late Antiquity - #AARSBL15 Monday Afternoon
  • brianleport

    I fixed it!