Being Biblical is Unbiblical

I had my attention drawn today to a blog post by Donald Miller, “My Problem with the Word ‘Biblical’.” In it he writes:

And so this idea that the Bible presents a comprehensive guide for relationships that is Biblical is, in fact, not a Biblical idea. Nor is it “biblical” for us to use the Bible as a guide to understand science. Or psychology or finances or a guide for how to build a church. In fact, our desire to use the book as an end-all be-all for all things earthly and spiritual is a misuse of it.

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  • Brian P.

    “Biblical” just means blessed by in-group magic pixie dust. Don’t over think it.

  • dangjin

    In other words, the author of that piece is simply saying he doesn’t want to obey God he wants to do as he wants.

    • Ian

      It amazes me how a seemingly functionally literate person can read a post like that and so utterly miss the point. Are you intentionally parodying Christians, dangjin, or are you genuinely that confused? It is *very* difficult to tell the difference between someone who pretends to be so dense to make fun of Christianity, and people who genuinely hold that kind of view.

  • J. K. Gayle
    • James F. McGrath

      Never mind that – what happened to make it start to take off in 1945?! :-)