He is Everywhere

Via Religion Memes on Facebook. See what happens if you always capitalize “He”?


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  • MorganGuyton

    Nice! Took me a minute.

  • Gary

    H makes the stars shine. Like Hebrew, you need to delete all the vowels. He is just the biproduct of fusion, not the source of the energy. H is not noble, but very reactive. I think all others apply. Must be gnostic. He masquerading as H.

  • edwardtbabinski

    According to evolution, everything evolved “in the beginning” out of the simplest atomic elements, hydrogen and helium. Coincidentally, in the Bible, God is designated over and over again by a big letter “H” followed by a little letter “e,” (He) which is the symbol for “Helium!” [from the video, Galaxies in Collision]

    • Gary

      “The same was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made through H; and without H was not anything made that hath been made. 4In H was life”. He was made from H. He He!

  • dougchaplin

    Hmm … you left out “He helps you speak in silly voices”