The Opposite of Faith is Not Doubt

The opposite of faith is not doubt

The quote comes from p.11 of Michael J. Langford's book The Tradition of Liberal Theology, which I just reviewed here on the blog.


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  • K.W. Leslie

    Exactly right. Doubt means there’s some faith; it’s a little deficient. And, as I point out to my students, often it comes from the Holy Spirit, who uses our doubts to keep us from falling for any clever-sounding but false teaching we hear.

  • Korou

    What exactly does faith mean? I’ve often heard it praised, and sometimes heard it condemned.

    • James F. McGrath

      If your question is about the range of meaning of the English word “faith,” then it covers a range of things, from believing certain things are true, to trusting in a person, to conviction, to ultimate concern.