“That’s Not Me”: More on Bionic Women

There is much more to be said about the new series Bionic Woman (which should, perhaps, be called “Bionic Women” in the plural, since it features two main characters who are bionically enhanced females). In the scene where Jamie and Will have sex, at one point she says “That’s not me”. We needn’t speculate as [Read More...]

The $50,000,000.02 Woman

I just finished watching the season premier of the new TV series on NBC, Bionic Woman. The title of this blog entry reflects the updating of the value of the original six million dollar woman to reflect inflation – plus me adding my “two cents” worth. We’ve had various series that treat machine intelligences and [Read More...]

Let Us Make Humanity In Our Image (update)

In an earlier post I mentioned the intriguing interpretation of the phrase “Let us make humanity in our image” in Genesis 1:26 as God addressing the animals and saying, in effect, “Let’s collaborate and make something that is in the image of both the animal and God.” I got hold of a copy of Friedman’s [Read More...]

Natural Explanations and the Inexplicable

I’m currently engaged in a discussion at the Uncommon Descent blog, on the subject of Intelligent Design and its status as science. I’ve decided to share one of my comments here, in the hope that it will stimulate further discussion of what I feel are important issues. The only other observation I will make is [Read More...]

Learn a Language

Anyone who commutes 20 minutes or more a day and is not regularly acquiring at least a basic working proficiency in other languages doesn’t realize how much time they are wasting. The Pimsleur language courses are simply amazing – they are entirely audio-based, and they do the repetition for you, unlike VocabuLearn, In-Flight and other [Read More...]

Cartoons on Evolution and Intelligent Design

Chris mentioned his favorite Doonesbury cartoon in his comment on my last blog entry, and so I thought I’d share it, but alas, it seems not to be working. So here is one of my favorites instead. [Read more...]

Monkeys and Typewriters on the Edge of Evolution

Seth Lloyd suggests that the appropriate analogy to the universe is monkeys typing a computers. Anyone who has ever let their monkey type at their computer will know that they can accomplish things, in a rather unpredictable (and sometimes irreversible) fashion. But let us stick with the traditional analogy. To make the analogy fit in [Read More...]

The Force Among Us: Discussion of Star Wars and Religion

On October 7th at 9pm Eastern Time there will be an online “episode“, connected to the documentary The Force Among Us, about religious themes in Star Wars. It should be interesting! http://widgets.clearspring.com/o/46dff2b521d471ce/46e01640976f216c/46dff2b521d471ce/dc341dfa/masterId/39926/colorId/blue [Read more...]

Poverty and Worship

In my Sunday school class yesterday we reached the story of Mary (only identified as such in the John 12) anointing Jesus with a very expensive perfume (one wonders if her taste for perfumes that cost roughly a year’s wage was the reason Mary seems to have still been unmarried). In the Gospel of John [Read More...]

Child Sacrifice In The Bible

There is an interesting irony in the fact that a tradition that apparently once practiced child sacrifice has evolved into one in which (in certain segments, at least) is adamant in protecting the rights even of the not-yet-born. The Bible’s teaching on the unborn is somewhat ambiguous. Exodus 21:22-25 appears to make a distinction between [Read More...]

Teaching the Genesis Creation Stories

There is an interesting entry on the Higgaion blog on the subject of teaching the creation stories in a non-literal fashion. What I generally ask my students is what conclusion the presence of a talking animal in a story in any other book or collection would lead them to conclude about its genre. I then [Read More...]