16 Great Jobs For 16 Year Olds

We’ve all known what’s it’s like to be a 16 year old looking for a good job.  You’ve just passed your driver’s test and you’re ready to work.  After all, you need to pay for all the expenses that come with owning a car, having a cell phone, and saving up for college (you are saving up for college, aren’t you…).

I grew up in a small town, so finding a job as a teenager wasn’t easy.  It forced me to be creative and find my own work.   Sometimes the best jobs are the ones you create for yourself!  Hopefully these jobs for teenagers will spark an idea for you or your teenager looking for work.

1. Craigslist Guru

It’s incredible what you can find on Craigslist.  It’s not uncommon to see people giving away things because they just don’t want it in the house anymore.  Be on the lookout for items that you can turn for a profit.  If you find something worth picking up and reselling, clean it off, take good pictures and relist it online.

2. Tutoring Services

You don’t need a college degree to tutor students.  Create a few flyers or put an ad on Craigslist offering your tutoring services.  You might even contact a few teachers to provide your information to pass to parents looking for tutors to help their child.

3. Creating websites ($$$)

If you’re really talented with design and know a thing or two about creating a website, why not try to make one for someone locally.  If you’re good, you can charge anywhere from $500 to $2500 or more for a website.

Here’s a secret…you don’t really have to be a ‘web-expert’ to develop a good looking website.  There are pre-made templates that you can use and sites like Elegant Themes will give you dozens of themes for one price.

This website is built on Thesis Theme, having an understanding of this theme can help you to build websites with ultimate flexibility.

Make money with a blog: Yes, you can make money with blogs.  Blogs I own earn $1,000 or more a month.  A lot of the tips I learned about blogging are a part of the Blogging Your Passion Webinar.  I paid to attend this webinar (yes, it costs money) but when you can earn an extra $500-$1,000 a month through a blog – it was totally worth it!

4. Music lessons

Let families in your church or school know that you’re available to give private lessons to students.  If you let your local band directors know, they may forward your information to parents asking about student music lessons.

5. Graphic Design

Are you pretty good with a computer?  Look around your town for places that could use a little help in their designs.  Think about locally owned restaurant menus, churches, and professional services like dentists and veterinarians.  The trick is to come prepared with samples of how you would redesign their look.  Get them thinking about the potential that you have to offer and go from there.

6. Waiting tables

It’s not the most glamorous job, but you can get a lot of hours and a decent paycheck for waiting tables if you’re a teenager.

7. Auto detailing

This was one of the first businesses I started.   We charged $40 a car and I’d make about $100 ever other week.  Not bad for a couple side jobs.  Depending on your area and the level of detailing that you’re doing, you can probably expect to charge anywhere from $50 to $120 or more per car today.

8. Delivering pizza

If you don’t mind driving and can land a job as a pizza delivery person, you can make decent money in the evenings.  It’s a good job for a teenager to get because you can work after school and on the weekends.

9. Lawn care

Don’t just think ‘lawn mowing.’  While that is a good way to make money in the summer months, people often need yard work done in the spring and fall too.  One of my first jobs was to mow someone’s yard, but it turned into a fulltime summer job when he learned that I would be willing to work on other projects around the yard.

10. Home cleaning

Use friends of the family as connections and let them know about your home cleaning services.  You can provide an ‘a la carte’ menu or create cleaning packages for people to choose.

11. Baby sitting

How can you forget about babysitting?  You won’t get any jobs unless people know you’re dependable and trustworthy.  Start with friends of your family and ask if they would recommend you to others.  Go above and beyond by cleaning general areas of the house and you’ll be the most popular babysitter in town J.

12. Pet sitting, grooming, or walking

Some people can’t walk their dogs because of work or because they’re physically unable to.  If you have an hour or two each week, you can start by walking a couple dogs or providing a dog bath service.

13. Lifeguarding

If you like the water and sun, this job is for you.  Local pools and fitness clubs hire qualified 16 year olds as lifeguards.  I had a few friends who were lifeguards when they were 16 and they really enjoyed the job.  If you can’t land a lifeguarding job, but you really want to work as one, show initiative by getting CPR certified at a community college.

14. Farming Work

If you’re in a small town, you might have luck in finding a job on a local farm.  Common summer jobs on farms include: detassling, tree trimming, blueberry picking, or other general labor jobs.

15. Set up computers/computer repair

Tech support is a growing need, especially as older Americans get more tech-savvy.  If you know how to erase viruses and make computers run faster, you can make a few extra dollars by providing computer care services.

16. Grocery Bagger

I know you probably don’t want to be a grocery bagger, so that’s why it’s on the bottom of the list.  But, it’s still a really good job for 16 year olds because stores are always looking for entry-level workers.  If you start working at a store like Walmart, you might be able to transition into a better position after a few months or a year.

What jobs did you have as a teenager?

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  • http://www.20sfinances.com 20’s Finances

    It’s amazing to me how many more opportunities I see for high school students who have a few skills, especially graphic design or anything with the internet. Young people can make some serious money if they have the dedication.

  • http://www.howmuchisit.org Hannah@HMII

    Also, I know of some 16 year olds that are great writers as well as web developers (like you mentioned), etc. They may even want to consider a freelancing career part-time. Even though most freelancing sites such as Elance require that you sign up, consider having a parent set up an account. Pick up a few jobs for a few bucks here and there. Builds a great work ethic, customer base, etc!

  • http://teeballbaseballblog.com Tom

    To answer your question, I started delivering newspapers when I was 12. I had two newspaper routes. One was a daily route to drop off the newspaper in the morning every day of the week before I went to school. It helped since I’m an early riser. :) The other route was on Wednesday afternoons. The extra money really helped since I didn’t want to rely on my mom for things I wanted. Once I got tired of this I moved on to work at a video store when I turned 16.

  • http://youngandthrifty.ca/ Young and Thrifty

    It’s always good to start working at a young age. It helps build skills and gives you the focus future employers are looking for. Filing and mail clerks are a nice start out job for teens too :)

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  • http://ways-to-invest-money.com/ Thomas – Ways to Invest Money

    Great list but sadly to many kids are not doing anything but playing video games and play on their cell phones. I dont know whether its the parents for not getting them out to do more or kids just being lazy and not wanting to work for anything.

  • http://blog.moneytrail.net/ Pam at MoneyTrail

    I really like that many of your ideas are centered around skills or passions that the teens already have, like teaching music or computer graphics. Knowing your skills and talents and being about to use those to start a business are the beginning of entrepreneurial endeavors. Great list! I will definitely share this.

  • http://www.myuniversitymoney.com My University Money

    I was a lawn mower/lifeguard/gas jockey when I was in high school. Lifeguarding was definitely the best gig (and a great way to talk to girls during the summer). I think you have the right idea recommending technology-based freelancing work. This is definitely the best way for today’s youth to leverage their knowledge.

  • laura flores

    yes i do want a descent job just so that i can save up for college

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  • http://www.parttimenightjob.com/jobs-for-16-year-olds/ Penny

    Jobs for 16 year olds can be found with Pizza Hut, Game Stop, Burger King, Boston Market, Publix and Giant Eagle too.

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  • valencia williams

    Im valencia williams, im 16 and looking for a job. iv’e been looking for a long time now. My Dad doesnt take care of me so i need to take care of myself, My mom gave me a car and im a respectful person and reliable and always on time for things. Im willing to do whatever job comes my way. If they give me a chance ill prove to them that i am a good worker.

  • laura flores

    Great list but sadly to many kids are not doing anything but playing video games and play on their cell phones. I dont know whether its the parents for not getting them out to do more or kids just being lazy and not wanting to work for anything.

  • Jobs For 15 Year Olds

    There are many jobs for 15 year olds available throughout the year ranging from food services, starting a part-time business, tutoring, etc.

    It’s always good to start working at a young age. yes i do want a descent job just so that i can save up for college

  • http://yahoo.com luis herrera

    can you help me out and find me a job to help my mom with the bills

  • layona

    I have wanted a job for a long time that will fit my and my personality. I love helping other mostly the elderly. So I need help finding a job were I can help the people in the world that needs it.

  • Ashtyn

    I am Ashtyn and i am a 16 year old looking for a job. I have wanted one for a long time around where i live and that wont be too far to travel to. I want to be able to have my own money and so that i don’t have to rely on my parents and ask them for money.

  • jessica

    hi. my name is jessica gaudlap and i am 16 years old. i have been looking for a job for over a year now. so if someone could please help me get a job i would love that. thank you.

  • Debora

    My name is Debora Urbano I am sixteen years old about to turn seventeen. I am looking for a job but, I can’t seem to find one because people don’t like to hire people my age calling us inexperienced and such. I really need the money because I want to start saving up and there is also a lot of financial need in my family’s buget I also need a laptop so I can begin to sell my art work and poetry and maybe i could get some money of the work I do. I really need to help my family in the biggest way possible.

    If there is any way I can get any help I would be very, very grateful thank you for your time I really apreciate it

  • Tiara Wormley

    Hi my name is Tiara Wormley I am 16 years old I’m about to be 17 years old. I have a son I am looking for a job to support him and other things I make stright A’s in school.