Are You Ready for Faith Beyond Belief? Take the Challenge!

Are you ready to consider what a faith that is not grounded in religious belief might consist of? I am taking this opportunity to announce that my book, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind, was published by Quest Books in October, 2012, and is now available.

Despite its title, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind is not a book against religion. Instead it challenges readers to consider a broader, more sophisticated understanding – one not limited to one culture’s or one religion’s understanding of the human spiritual quest.

Based on the writings of twelve notable experts from academia, the spiritual literature and even New Age spirituality, Faith Beyond Belief condenses their work into a single coherent principle I call spiritual development theory. The time has come to acknowledge that many experts have described the ladder toward spiritual maturity – shown what it consists of, what steps are necessary to reach it, and how to recognize its opposite. Unfortunately our culture often supports spiritual immaturity and discourages movement forward. In fact, much in our culture beckons us backward, away from spiritual maturity.

In Faith Beyond Belief, the theory is made easier to understand by means of ten real life stories that illustrate both the process and (an approximation of) the endpoint. I use the term “approximation of” because we humans are complex, messy and imperfect – and spiritual development is not a straight-line function. So no human being is ever going to be a perfect example of spiritual maturity.

Faith Beyond Belief offers a broader perspective to readers whose rational minds demand a strictly scientific basis for our existence, but whose hearts still tug at the validity of a greater spiritual reality. It promotes understanding and tolerance by illuminating a faith process that places us all at varying points along a common path toward unity and love.

Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind is available wherever books are sold. Some of the Barnes & Noble physical stores are carrying it and so are some independent stores, but any store can order it for you, as can any US library. And of course you can always order it online from, Amazon or Barnes& Please pick up or order your copy today!






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