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Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity – defined as having moved past the divisions put forth by traditional religions, and moving toward a position of unity, where all faiths, including religious disbelief, are considered part of the same reality.

Spiritual Courage

Spiritual courage – the personal honesty and inquisitiveness to ask the hard questions about our existence here on earth and about where we are going next. This does not mean accepting answers from scripture or some outer authority. It means actively dispensing with the need for the certainties and the existential comforts provided by traditional religion and seeking the truth on one’s own. No matter how discomforting the process, the authentic belief system cannot be accessed as a hand-me-down from outer authoritie

Spiritual Strength

Spiritual strength –the intention to deal effectively and honestly with whatever trials life sends our way. Not having to fall back on religious beliefs as a crutch by which we escape the negative realities.