Who Is My Neighbor? (Reflections on the L.A. Riots)

A guest post from Rebecca Lister This past week marks the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots. On NPR’s Here and Now, I was listening to the host, Robin Young, as she interviewed the four African American strangers who saved a white truck driver from being beaten to death on that day. Fueled by [Read More…]


During a “very friendly conversation,” last Saturday, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, invited the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, to the White House ~ knowing that seven months ago (10/16), in response to the presence of three million drug addicts in his country, President Duterte was quoted in the New [Read More…]

Young People Are Leading the Way. Will The Church Follow?

Living and Leading Change for Good: Meet the Disruptors The Forum for Theological Exploration series, Living and Leading Change for Good,invites you to meet the disruptors – theological explorers and visionary architects inspired by their Christian faith and fueled by courage.  These leaders are actively addressing civil and human rights issues and the anxiety about the rising tide [Read More…]

A PISTOL PACKING PASTOR, RABBI & IMAM (& Other Responses to Increasing Attacks Against Houses of Faith)

Although it has been happening for a long time, there are an increasing number of attacks on institutions, individuals, and houses of faith. Here are a few historic and current, general and personal examples: Fifty years ago, fifteen sticks of dynamite were detonated at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Four African American [Read More…]

6 Reasons Why Love Made Me A Progressive Christian

I am a progressive Christian. I did not choose this, like selecting which kind of ice cream my wife is most in the mood for (as long as it has chocolate but no nuts, I am probably safe). It is probably more accurate to say I grew into it. I have always been a follower [Read More…]

Dear White Christians (An invitation to take on five commitments for racial justice)

A majority of white Christians supported President Trump during the campaign, voted for him, and are in favor of many of his actions thus far, including his thwarted ban on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Unfortunately, that support sends a harsh message. The majority white Christian support for President Trump and his policies tells [Read More…]

Dear Mr. O’Reilly: Your Behavior Suggests You Are a Broken Man (And I Wish You Peace.)

Dear Mr. O’Reilly, I will admit, as a liberal-leaning Christian woman, I was a tad bit gleeful when I heard you had lost your job at Fox News. It seemed like justice had finally stepped in and taken control; the righteous had finally won; David had finally wound up that sling-shot and slung that stone [Read More…]

What to Say When There is So Much to Say: Preaching in the Era of Trump

“When the media and the politicians keep rowing our people around, it will be helpful for preachers to drop a weighty anchor, steady the boat amid all the ripples, and look at political patterns in relation to the good news of Jesus Christ.” — O. Wesley Allen, Jr., author, Preaching in the Era of Trump [Read More…]

Finding Lasting Satisfaction in a Thirsty Culture

by Peter Burns Growing up, my family made many summer pilgrimages from the plains of the Midwest to the hiking trails of the Rocky Mountains. Every peak seemed like a challenge to me, as if, once I reached the top I would be able to see the whole world. But the funny thing about a [Read More…]

TGIF? I Don’t Think So…

Crucifixion was a spectator sport. It seems like it still is. And so, my friends, on this “Good Friday” I don’t want to (!) but I cannot help but think of Coptic (Egyptian) Christians slaughtered in their church last Sunday (Palm Sunday). I think of white supremacist, Dylann Roof, entering Bible study in a black [Read More…]

Was the Resurrection a Hoax?

by Jedediah McClure  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, believed by roughly 2.4 billion people across the world, is the foundation of the world’s largest religion. In the Biblical narrative, Jesus of Nazareth was crucified by Roman soldiers and buried in a sepulcher (tomb). Three days later Jesus miraculously rose from the dead to proclaim His divinity [Read More…]


First there was outrage over the bombing of innocent people in Syria by Assad. Many persons of faith called us to pray for the dead and dying children and their loved ones. Then there was outrage over the bombing of an airbase in Syria by Trump. Many persons of faith called for us to pray [Read More…]