A Whisper and a Crash: Blindsided by God in a White Pickup Truck

By Bonnie HalfordIt was the morning of Good Friday, 1995. I was driving towards downtown Mill Valley, coming up to a 4-way stop that I have passed through hundreds of times. My mind was elsewhere. I had been laid off from IBM several months before, and had gone through most of my severance. My previous five years had been spent dodging bullets as the company had gone from 400K employees to 250K. I had a mortgage, no financial net, and only one job prospect, the possibility of which was fast … [Read More...]

Stale Crackers and Fruit Juice: The Battle over the Body and Blood of Christ

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth and final in a weekly Lenten series on the body and blood of Christ by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott.Even though the Reformation became an era when people were killing each other over, among other things, Eucharistic theology, at least the reformers made it so that the bread and the wine were once again offered to the average sinner in the congregation. But Martin Luther changed other elements of worship as well that put this early reemphasis of the Lo … [Read More...]


Did God Kill Jesus? Tony Jones on the Crucifixion, Love, and Resurrection

"The way we view the crucifixion of Jesus and the posture of God when that happened affects everything we think about God. It affects how we pray, how we worship, even how we raise our children. We can’t afford to get it wrong." -- Tony Jones, author of Did God Kill Jesus? Tony Jones, popular theologian, speaker, blogger, and a founder of the emergent church movement, has an important new book out this week, perfectly timed for Holy Week. Did God Kill Jesus? Searching for Love in History's Most … [Read More...]


Easter and the Imperfect Jesus (What We Gain and Lose in the Deification of Jesus)

 "Because of Easter and consequently Jesus’ exalted divine status, we are left in the Gospels with the best of Jesus’ humanity, but we lose the worst of his humanity. And yet there are strands of a fallible, imperfect Jesus that remarkably did not get completely edited/redacted out." Every serious student of the Gospels knows that in the oral transmission (the retelling) of the stories and teachings of and about Jesus, and in the final editing/redacting by the author, changes were made … [Read More...]

Connecting the Q in LGBTQ to the Bible’s ‘Q’ Source

Several times over the past few weeks, people have asked me, "What does the 'Q' in LGBTQ stand for?" One of them, oddly enough, segued into asking, "What is the 'Q' source in biblical studies?" I am by no means an expert, but this is how I understand things.The answer to each question is rou … [Read More...]

Journey Through Lent: When “I Must Try Harder” Gets in the Way of Love

by Matt BaysThis is God’s season…Lent…Easter. It’s the time of year when some of us religious folk smear ashes on our foreheads on Wednesday, get regular about eating fish on Friday, give up smoking, coffee, or TV for six weeks, and partake of the wine and bread that represents the one who threw … [Read More...]

When ‘This is My Body’ Became Words to Kill For: The Battle Over the Body and Blood of Christ

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a weekly Lenten series on the body and blood of Christ by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott.In 1054 CE, the Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael Cerularius, picked a fight with Pope Leo IX. Cardinal Humbert was sent to Constantinople to try to work things … [Read More...]

Jesus Wept: How Hosing Down the Homeless Reflects on All of Us Christians

There’s a picture floating around on the internet of Jesus slapping his forehead in frustration and bewilderment, much like Homer Simpson would do on the Simpsons. Every time I see it, I can picture Jesus saying in a very Homer-like voice, “Doh!”If Jesus actually makes such a face, he is undou … [Read More...]

No Sinners Allowed: The Battle Over the Body and Blood of Christ

Editor’s Note: This is the third in a weekly Lenten series on the body and blood of Christ by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott.When the early Christians walked into the room where worship took place, the focal point was a table—not a pulpit, or a baptistery, or a cross, or a computer scre … [Read More...]

Evolution and Biblical Faith: The Messiness of it all

Old Testament scholar and preaching professor John C. Holbert joins a Patheos roundtable conversation on "Evolution and Christian Faith," sponsored by BioLogos. Click here for more perspectives -- from evangelical to atheist -- on this topic.I would like to respond briefly to several of the v … [Read More...]

Dear Church (A Letter from Your Future Self)

Hey Buddy!You're looking a little tired and a bit stressed out. We know Easter is only a few weeks away, but trust me, you make it through (just as you do every year, but one word of advice, please remember to heat the water in the baptistery, we've still got people talking about the times you … [Read More...]

Convergence Christianity: A Q&A with Eric Elnes

by Timothy VillarealThe Rev. Eric Elnes, senior minister of Countryside Community Church (UCC) in Omaha, Nebraska is a most intriguing fellow, and his web-based weekly program "Darkwood Brew" is arguably one of the most content-rich shows in U.S. religion-based programming, though the program … [Read More...]

A Powerful Manual for the Spiritual Life

As a prophet and wisdom teacher, Jesus frequently challenged the status quo and employed witty, paradoxical, and sometimes often shockingly hyperbolic statements to counter conventional wisdom with the alternative wisdom of the kingdom of God, particularly on matters related to holiness/purity, … [Read More...]

When Did Biblical Marriage Get To Be A Thing?

The day after I became the first Southern Baptist minister to officiate at a same-sex wedding, Rick Lance of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions and Travis Coleman, Jr., president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, issued a joint statement called “Stand Strong For Biblical Marriage.” Th … [Read More...]