In Spite of Our Politics, We Are Made for Goodness

Last week’s Republican National Convention put fear, panic, exclusion and terror on display. We heard stories of immigrants killing people’s families and Islamic terrorist murders, not to mention a prayer calling Democrats “the enemy” and chants to “lock up” the opposing candidate. With a markedly different tone, Michelle Obama opened the Democratic National Convention with a message of faith, optimism, inclusion and inspiring us all to be better. During this time of racial injustice, civil unre … [Read More...]

Finding God in the Gym: From Crossfit to Church

By Devaun Walker10 Hanging Power Cleans 1 Box Jump 9 Hanging Power Cleans 2 Box Jumps...If you know anything about me, you'd know that physical activity is not my favorite thing; I'd much rather nap. Yet, something in (on) me tells me I need to be fit, so I give Crossfit three hours of my time. Week after week, I find myself doing burpees across the floor, working for "as many reps as possible," and completing the WOD (workout of the day). It honestly sucks but I keep going bac … [Read More...]

Why I Don’t Like Working at Soup Kitchens

By Breanna MekulyLast week I served at the Emmaus Soup Kitchen in Erie, PA. The next day, Sr. Mary who runs the kitchen asked me how my experience was. I hesitated before telling her the truth; I didn’t like it and actually, I don’t like soup kitchens in general.All I did was serve fruit on the line this time. In the midst of asking guests if they would like what I'm serving and then scooping canned fruit onto plates with as much dignity as possible, I overheard quite a few convers … [Read More...]

Patheos 10+1: A Q&A with ‘Bipolar Faith’ Author Monica Coleman

"I would like churches to talk about mental health the same ways we talk about every other health challenge. I would like us to combine prayer with other medical and social services that help people. I would like for us to affirm that health challenges are not a reflection of the depth of one’s faithfulness. I’d like us to cultivate communities that can hold grief, pain, anxiety and the inexplicable without sacrificing individual or cultural dignity." -- Monica Coleman, pastor, professor and auth … [Read More...]

“Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate”

“Returning violence for violence multiplies violence ~ adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.I speak what I am about to say from ex … [Read More...]

Church: Can We Get Over Ourselves?

"As Christendom declines and Emergence Christianity continues to blossom in all its messy glory, we in the institutional church face a central question. Can we get over ourselves? Can we give up our self absorbed fretting about how good things used to be so we can see the beautiful possibilities no … [Read More...]

Friday Wrap 7/15: The Week’s Top 10 Progressive Posts

Wonder what your fellow Progressive Christians have been reading -- and sharing -- at Patheos this week? Here are this week's top 10 Progressive Christian posts, ranked by number of pageviews.#1: Jesus Vs. #AllLivesMatterOur favorite religion professor James McGrath is the king of funny a … [Read More...]

Three Lessons for Living in America from an Almost Ex-Pat

By Andrea FoldsIt's not an easy time to be an American abroad. We have a reputation that tops even the un-toppable "W." days, and that is not a record any of us were trying to beat.Talking with a good friend of mine from Ireland last week, I asked how the public across the pond was reacting t … [Read More...]

Cultivating New Models of Sisterhood

Over the next 12 months, the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) is spotlighting 12 leaders, their stories, and how their passion and call to shape a more hopeful future through Christian ministry guides the impact they are making in their communities, institutions and universities.By Alisha … [Read More...]

From “No You Can’t” to “I Do”: My Journey to Gay, Married and Christian

I once voted against same-sex marriage, and now I’m married to a man.That’s the short version of my long and tumultuous history with reparative therapy, church doctrine, and my slowly changing attitude toward LGBT civil rights. It’s a transformation that many gay Christians can identify with, and … [Read More...]

“Will Listen With Love” Launches Tonight for LGBTQIA & Allies

Launching in response to the devastating killings in Orlando, the "Will Listen With Love" Project is a national support network comprised of pastors, therapists, spiritual directors and community support providers who have volunteered their time to offer safe and affirming space for grieving members … [Read More...]

This Time Orlando

This time there were 49, fifty counting him—one for each star on our flagThis time he came during the dark of night—long before the full heat of the sun roseHe came before the bars closed—before the last call for alcohol was madeHe came before the dancers retired to their corners—like box … [Read More...]

Count the Killer Among the Victims?

“We don’t really count the shooter as a victim,” FBI Special Agent Paul Wysopal said at a Monday morning press conference and reported today in the New York Post. That makes perfect sense: Perpetrators are not victims; they are victimizers. Therefore, the number of victims in Orlando was changed toda … [Read More...]

A Letter From Shane Claiborne on the Death Penalty

To all my grace-filled revolutionary friends:Here’s what I realized as I finished writing my new book Executing Grace. This isn’t just about a book. It is about a movement that has the potential to make history – to make the death penalty history.This isn’t an ad (I’ve never been much of a se … [Read More...]