Vote for “All of the Above”

In this political primary season, as much is revealed about the voters as about the candidates: I have seen photo collages of Clinton’s face showing every filling in her teeth; every grimace and angry glance; every pre-sneeze contortion; every petulant pose. I have seen anti-Semitic cartoons and captions of Sanders depicted as a mentally ill Jewish socialist and how a vote for him means there will never again be a Christmas parade. I have seen countless depictions of Trump’s hair and spl … [Read More...]


The 10 Truths of Modern Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is it's own little animal within the life of a congregation. It is a delicate dance of navigating expectations (your own and those around you), dispelling myths, pointing out miracles (and perhaps performing a few of your own, like, say, getting soda out of the carpet), and allowing your heart to be filled and your spirit drained by your kids over and over and over again. After a five-year stint as a senior/solo pastor I returned to my "roots" as a youth minister. Through this … [Read More...]


Leading Differently: 12 Faith Leaders Shaping the Future

By Stephen Lewis President, Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) Over the next 12 months, we will spotlight 12 leaders, their stories, and how their passion and call to shape a more hopeful future through Christian ministry guides the impact they are making in their communities, institutions and universities. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” This statement captures the conviction of the lat … [Read More...]


Throwing Jesus Off a Cliff

If you invited someone to your house and shortly after they arrived you felt like throwing them off a cliff; I would want to know what happened. A similar thing happened to Jesus when everyone was “speaking well of him” and a short time later they were trying to throw him off a cliff. I thought they would have been happy. He had told them that the prediction of the coming of the messiah was fulfilled. The waiting was over. Hope had finally been realized! There was good news for the poor, freedom … [Read More...]

The Greatest Manhunt in History: On the New Movie RISEN

RISEN, a new movie from Sony Films, arrives in theaters February 19, just after we've begun our collective Lenten journey toward Easter. In this latest, big-studio rendering of the epic Biblical story about the Resurrection, Joseph Fiennes stars as Clavius, the powerful Roman military tribune -- and … [Read More...]

The Death and Resurrection of the Liberal Church: A Response to Chris Hedges

By Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen Vice President of Applied Research and The Center for the Study of Theological Education, Auburn SeminaryChris Hedges’ widely circulating diatribe about the bankruptcy of liberal Christianity—its churches and especially its seminaries—benefits from what late- … [Read More...]

Time for Addicts to Do an Intervention on the Church

[The Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter offers this response to the new book The Recovery-Minded Church for our Book Club roundtable discussion this month.]The Recovery-Minded Church by Jonathan Benz with Kristina Robb-Dover is a thoughtful, loving look at ministering to addicts in our midst. My concern … [Read More...]

Patheos 10 + 1: A Q&A with Bar Church Pastor Jerry Herships

No joke: a pastor walks into a bar and starts a church.Also no joke: it works.Five years later, the Rev. Jerry Herships' AfterHours Denver is a thriving bar ministry with a real-world mission to feed the poor and homeless downtown.Every Monday night at a different host bar around Denver, … [Read More...]

The Trials and Tribulations of Snow: On Fighting for Safe Water for All

By Susan Barnett, Founder, Faiths for Safe WaterMy dad was the most popular guy in the neighborhood during a snowstorm. He had an old 1950s truck with a bright yellow plow attached to the front. He’d plow all the neighbors’ driveways, leaving them with just the small pathways to clear and making … [Read More...]

Curing our Theological Laryngitis: A Q&A with Tripp Fuller

"Theology that is living, life-giving and mattering today can't be what it used to be." -- Tripp Fuller, Director of Theology and Humanities, Hatchery LA, and founder, Homebrewed Christianity Patheos is honored to be co-sponsoring an exciting new interactive theology event this spring called E … [Read More...]

Remembering Another King Family Victim of Gun Violence

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not the only member of his immediate family who was murdered. Dr. King's mother, Alberta King, was fatally shot as she sat at the Ebenezer Baptist Church's new organ, playing "The Lord's Prayer" as her husband, Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. was in the pulpit, … [Read More...]

Turning Wine Into Water and Other Everyday Miracles

Everybody, at some point in their life, wants a miracle. But it is usually when all hope is gone; when every cure has been tried and every test has been taken; when all of our best thoughts and efforts appear to have been in vain; when we stand empty-handed, perplexed and desperate ~ at that exact … [Read More...]

Shall We Overcome? An Invitation for MLK, Jr. Day

By Rev. Dr. James Forbes and Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson  As we approach this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, over half a century since the immortal "I Have a Dream" speech, we ask: Are we any closer to the dream that King spoke of or is it now even further from our reach?As far as t … [Read More...]

Reviving the Nonprofit Leader: A Q&A with Transformational Leadership Strategist Hugh Ballou

"The nonprofit world has become complacent, static, timid, risk-averse, and minimalistic. We have inherited systems that compromise success. We have been taught leadership wrong."-- Hugh BallouThis week, Patheos launches an exciting new blog for nonprofit leaders called The Nonprofit … [Read More...]