Cultivating New Models of Sisterhood

Over the next 12 months, the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) is spotlighting 12 leaders, their stories, and how their passion and call to shape a more hopeful future through Christian ministry guides the impact they are making in their communities, institutions and universities.By Alisha Jones Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, Indiana UniversityMy journey to display a beloved community stems from transforming the societal tensions that haunt me into a theological question t … [Read More...]

From “No You Can’t” to “I Do”: My Journey to Gay, Married and Christian

I once voted against same-sex marriage, and now I’m married to a man.That’s the short version of my long and tumultuous history with reparative therapy, church doctrine, and my slowly changing attitude toward LGBT civil rights. It’s a transformation that many gay Christians can identify with, and why, up until recently, the secular community has led the charge in the movement for LGBT equality.This month marks the one-year anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, the ruling that made same- … [Read More...]

“Will Listen With Love” Launches Tonight for LGBTQIA & Allies

Launching in response to the devastating killings in Orlando, the "Will Listen With Love" Project is a national support network comprised of pastors, therapists, spiritual directors and community support providers who have volunteered their time to offer safe and affirming space for grieving members of the LGBTQIA community and their allies to be heard. Unlike formal therapy, these "listening sessions" are intended to support the LGBTQIA community as they process their sadness and anger over … [Read More...]

This Time Orlando

This time there were 49, fifty counting him—one for each star on our flagThis time he came during the dark of night—long before the full heat of the sun roseHe came before the bars closed—before the last call for alcohol was madeHe came before the dancers retired to their corners—like boxers in the ring, before the last bell rungHe came before the cock cleared his throat to announce the morning’s coming tide— before the sacrifice was madeHe came before the church bells rang an … [Read More...]

Count the Killer Among the Victims?

“We don’t really count the shooter as a victim,” FBI Special Agent Paul Wysopal said at a Monday morning press conference and reported today in the New York Post. That makes perfect sense: Perpetrators are not victims; they are victimizers. Therefore, the number of victims in Orlando was changed toda … [Read More...]

A Letter From Shane Claiborne on the Death Penalty

To all my grace-filled revolutionary friends:Here’s what I realized as I finished writing my new book Executing Grace. This isn’t just about a book. It is about a movement that has the potential to make history – to make the death penalty history.This isn’t an ad (I’ve never been much of a se … [Read More...]

Patheos 10+1: A Q&A with “Global Minister” Romal Tune

"The more I travel the more I realize that people are the same no matter where I go. We have the same desires for our families, dreams for our children, and hope for a better tomorrow. If we focused on our commonalities rather than our differences the world would be a better place."-- The Rev. Romal … [Read More...]

Sabbath Elevators and Returning from Vacation Exhausted

I tried to have lunch with a friend from church and he said, “I have an opening ~ not this Tuesday, but the one following that ~ and it will have to be a late lunch, say, around 2:30 and, sorry in advance, but it will have to be quick because I have another appointment at 4:00.” And that person was r … [Read More...]

The Fugitive: A Failed Pursuit of the Black Church to Reach Millennials

By Brianna K. ParkerEvery church in America seems to be asking how to get millennials “back in the church.” However, the more appropriate question may be, “How do we get millennials to try God with us?” Realizing there was little empirical data on black millennials and faith, I studied the topic … [Read More...]

Rising from the Ashes: Confronting an Environmental Crisis in North Carolina

By the Rev. Joshua BrittonEvery year, on Ash Wednesday, many Christians begin the season of Lent by marking their foreheads with ash in the shape of a cross. For many, this serves as a yearly reminder that “dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” However for the people at Bethel United Met … [Read More...]

Choosing Forgiveness

When I was a child, my father asked me to help him move a table. On that table sat a vase that my father’s mother had given him many years ago. It meant a lot to him, so he asked me to be really careful. He picked up one side of the table and I picked up the other. We had to carry the table down o … [Read More...]

Memorial Day for People with Short Memories

We Americans don’t have very good memories. We tend to forget people and events as soon as the person is gone or the moment is over. We're even encouraged to do so by slogans such as “let bygones be bygones.” We say “bye” and then it’s “gone.” But Memorial Day is an attempt to remember fallen soldier … [Read More...]

The Sins of Bill Clinton “Visited” Upon Hillary

Exodus 20:5 contains a difficult statement about the sins of the father being “visited” upon the son. I think I get it, at least in a way. I am an adult child of a violent and alcoholic father and to this day I continue to suffer manifestations of his abuse. Issues of trust and incidences of neglect … [Read More...]

Man Meets God: A Q&A with Josh Grisetti

I saw fire burning in God's eyes -- a "righteous anger," as Christians like to call it. His mouth began to open. A vacuum of air seemed to funnel past me. He was either about to speak or He was about to vaporize me with some kind of holy hellfire, like a dragon incinerating an unworthy knight. Lucky … [Read More...]