May 10, 2022

By Jason North When I think of Jesus, my first thought isn’t “Man, he really had so much to teach us about mental health”! Prayer? Yep. Love? Peace? Compassion for others? Standing against injustice and religious bigotry? Also, yes. But mental health is more of a modern concept, created by psychology and therapy (both of which are healthy and necessary). Yet we know that Jesus was one of the most mentally healthy people – probably ever. He was always centered,... Read more

February 11, 2022

Doesn’t it always go this way? You think you have everything figured out in this nutty ride of a life, and then another curve ball comes your way, and you realize: “Oh woo-wee-woo, I was way off”? The good old tale of repentance (rethink everything) and ego check, right? Well, let me tell you a little story of my journey from growing up in Mormonism, finding my way to Evangelicalism, then breaking free (so I thought) into Progressive Christianity. There... Read more

January 21, 2022

While our motive matters, so does the situation. Read more

January 21, 2022

I have searched through Scripture for some clarity on the issues of LGBTQ identity and found myself drawn to Jesus’ response to the Pharisees in Matthew 19. Read more

January 21, 2022

Many passages in the Bible deal with issues of gender and sexuality. Read more

January 18, 2022

Churches, faith leaders, and Christ-followers must unlearn the violence-acceptance beliefs that have infiltrated Christ’s message. Through ongoing training, mentoring, and platform giving for survivors we can become a faith the sees our God as who he is- a survivor not a sacrifice. Read more

January 11, 2022

Equality is the goal. Read more

November 17, 2021

The Bible tells us that we are not many races but one race created by God. Read more

October 29, 2021

Society sees abortion as a spiritual issue and the violation against a woman’s right to choose as a political issue. Read more

October 22, 2021

What are Christians to make of the big environmental questions in 2021? Read more

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