The Preacher Persisted: Finding Courage in the Pulpit

Despite the push-back I have received against my sermons that tackle controversial issues, here’s one thing I know: I will not allow my prophetic preaching voice to be silenced.

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Three Ways Women With Theology Degrees Are Changing the World

Living and Leading Change for Good: Meet the Disruptors The Forum for Theological Exploration series, Living and Leading Change for Good, invites you to meet the disruptors – theological explorers and visionary architects inspired by their Christian faith and fueled by courage.  These leaders are actively addressing civil and human rights issues and the anxiety [Read More…]

Where Teens Do Not Turn in Times of Trouble

“Where would you turn for help if you, or someone you know, was a victim of teen dating violence?” the moderator asked an adult and a teen who were standing on opposite sides of a table, waiting to ring a bell when they had an answer. The teen struck the bell and shouted, “your best [Read More…]

Preaching in the Era of Trump

I struggle to understand how those who claim to embrace the radical ethic of the Christian faith—the gospel ethic of caring for the disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed “others” of society—can claim to have voted for Trump out of Christian values when there were other Republican and Democratic candidates from whom to pick. Voters are used to choosing between “the lesser of evils,” but there is no serious Christian standard by which Trump can be argued to be that choice. [Read more…]

How Donald Trump’s Opponents Missed what was Right in Front of Them

Hidden from the Learned, Revealed to the Simple: How Donald Trump’s Opponents Missed what was Right in Front of Them The age of Rule by Amateur is upon us. When the singularly inexperienced Donald Trump defied the commentariat and dethroned the political professionals last year, he did so with resounding support from people without college [Read More…]

America’s Addiction to a Drug Called Trump

First you take the drug, and then the drug takes you. This didn’t happen to everyone in America; but it happened to America herself. And it was predictable. At first, our flirtations with the drug called Trump were fun! The drug called Trump was sometimes rude and often crude; but it was entertaining. It made [Read More…]

Leading Differently: Disruptors Needed

By Stephen Lewis, President of Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE) In a time of withering certainty about who we are as Americans, Christians and global citizens, we desperately need courageous moral leaders—those willing to disrupt the status quo. These are leaders inspired by faith, fueled by courage and leading in unconventional ways to create a more hopeful [Read More…]

The Spirituality of Popular Music: Raising Funds, Lifting Spirits & Attracting Newcomers

In an era when fewer and fewer people go to church, it is often the song, not the sermon, speech or blog that touches people’s lives in a deep and meaningful way. Houses of faith may embody ethics, morality and good deeds; but the church can learn more of these same things from the street, [Read More…]

Standing Rock: Building Deeper Alliances with the Land and our Neighbors

By David Phillips Hansen Indigenous people are showing White Christians the dynamic power of faith in action. Standing Rock is a spiritual center of transformation and a global symbol of the struggle for environmental and interracial justice. The Lakota words, “mni wiconi,” (water is life) have become a rallying cry renewing faith in the power of [Read More…]

When Tupac Goes to Church

Although Christmas Day has now come and gone, and our caroling ceased, I pray that the next time Tupac Shakur is heard in worship, it won’t be by mistake. He should be invited to church more often. [Read more…]

Fourth Week of Advent: When You’re Stuck in the Waiting

This is the fourth in a weekly series of Advent devotionals by the Rev. Elizabeth Hagan reflecting on what an experience of infertility can teach us about waiting for Jesus here at Faith Forward. If you missed the first post about hope, you can read it here and the second one about peace here and [Read More…]

Breaking from Sameness: Prophetic Preparations in this Advent Season

By Erin Guzmán For many years I’ve been a firm believer that the sooner the Christmas decorations go up, the less special the Christmas holiday feels and becomes for me. Don’t get me wrong: I love Christmas and all the “seasonally appropriate” colors, flavors, smells and traditions. But I prefer to savor each ‘holiday season’ rather [Read More…]