Pentecost and the Crucifixion of Privilege

While we continue to live in a society that unjustly rewards some at the expense of others, the Gospel exposes and crucifies such circumstances, and in doing so, we are set free from the lures of privilege and set free for the sake of others. [Read more…]

I Am

I am, said God to Moses from the burning bush. Before Abraham was, I am… I am the light of the world… I am the way… I am the door… I am the vine… Said Jesus, who held up bread and said it was his body, and wine, and said it was his blood. And [Read More…]

Illustrating Faith: A Q&A with Artist Paul Soupiset

Yesterday I interviewed Patheos blogger and acquisitions editor Tony Jones about the new adult faith formation video resource called animate.Faith from Sparkhouse. One of the sparkling gems of animate is the captivating artwork that runs throughout the series, from the video sessions to the facilitator guide, to the elaborately illustrated personal journals. Behind the ornate graphics of animate is San [Read More…]

animate.Faith — Sparking Fresh Christian Conversation

The new adult course animate.Faith is a welcome breath of fresh resource air for Christian pastors, teachers and small group leaders in the contemporary church. Featuring seven of the leading voices of Christianity today (Brian McLaren, Shane Hipps, Nadia Bolz-Weber and Bruce Reyes-Chow to name a few), animate.Faith presents seven conversation “kick-starter” videos, animated with compelling cartoon-like [Read More…]

Musing on God

God is all without being any thing while being the all in every thing. God is the perhaps at the edge of every moment of choosing. God does nothing but nothing does without God. God is the freedom to do and the urge to act. God does not exist because God is existence. God is [Read More…]

Substitutionary Sniffles

Before Jesus died for my sins, Did he catch cold for them, too? Did he sniffle for my pettiness? Did he cough for my pride? Did he sneeze for my anger? When Jesus stubbed his toe, Who was forgiven, and for what? When he scraped his knee, Whose load of guilt was lifted? When he [Read More…]

“Burn it all down” isn’t Christian: A Response to Mark Driscoll

By the Rev. Rich Cizik, President of the New Evangelical Partnership and national spokesperson for the Good Steward Campaign Who hasn’t heard the charge that “God is going to burn it all down, so let’s all drive an SUV”? If you haven’t heard it, you’re not paying attention. Indeed, a statement along those lines is attributed just a few [Read More…]

Pluralism Sunday 2013

We can grow closer to God and deeper in compassion – and we can understand our own traditions better – through more intimate awareness and experience of the world’s religions. Pluralism Sunday, May 5, is a time when churches around the world celebrate elements of other world faiths in sermons, litanies, and music. Many feature [Read More…]

Bombshells to Church Bells

A few years ago, I discovered an unusual use for a pressure cooker. I took a thin copper pipe, flared one end slightly, curved the pipe into a “U” shape, and fitted it over the top vent of a pressure cooker. I put water in the cooker and brought it to a boil, and used [Read More…]

Aiming High

Last week I attended a conference at Esalen Institute near Big Sur. It’s hosted by Esalen’s Center for Theory and Research. It’s focused on peacemaking among the Abrahamic faiths. After the first day of the meeting, I got into a rich conversation with Esalen’s co-founder, Michael Murphy, two rabbis, and a medical doctor with Talmudic [Read More…]

A Bible Study for Heretics: A Q&A with Christian Piatt

This spring, Patheos launched its first “premium content” blog – a weekly bible study from popular progressive Christian author Christian Piatt. The new subscription blog, A Heretic’s Guide to the Bible, offers a weekly guided tour through the Bible following the Church’s lectionary schedule, and is aimed at bible “pros” (preachers, teachers) as well as [Read More…]

Boston, Bombs, and the Scandal of God’s Criminal Justice

As many wonder where God was in the midst of such tragedy, and while others question why God did not (or could not) prevent such terror from taking place, I am personally tormented with my belief of where God’s love will be placed in its aftermath. [Read more…]