When Robbers and Innkeepers Profit from Good Samaritans

By the Rev. Brian E. Konkol  Lake Edge Lutheran Church, Madison, WI The “Parable of the Good Samaritan” is one of the most well known, beloved, and influential portions of the New Testament. As a striking narrative about care and compassion for others, the content of Luke 10:29-37 has reverberated throughout the centuries as a clear [Read More…]

Movement for Justice: Changing the Story

Our stories are changed by the testimony of others. We are changed by the movement of time, by new understandings, and by the still-speaking Word. If this were not true, my ancestors would still be obeying masters, and my female justice-seeking voice would be silent. [Read more…]

Interfaith Alliance Celebrates SCOTUS Decisions on DOMA, Prop. 8

Interfaith Alliance President the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy issued the following statement celebrating today’s Supreme Court decisions: “The enormity of today’s decisions cannot be overstated…” [Read more…]

Realism vs. Man of Steelism

Once upon a time, political conservatives in America were stereotyped as hard-headed realists, and liberals were described as ungrounded dreamers. How times have changed! Conservatives base their policies on an ideal world in which capitalism works perfectly without government intervention. They assume that the hard-working succeed and the lazy fail. They assume that if people [Read More…]

Beers & Hymns: A Partnership of Pub and Parish

Through our “Beers & Hymns” events at a local pub, we created an opportunity to be Church in our local neighborhood, rather than passively expecting the local neighborhood to come to our Church. [Read more…]

Voting: A Ritual

“Voting is irrational.” This jarring statement comes from Paul Woodruff, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas in Austin, in his wise book, REVERENCE: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue. Paul came to USC a few months ago, hosted by my office, to give a series of talks. He’s a person who emanates the virtue that [Read More…]

What Do the Indigo Girls, Krista Tippett, Philip Yancey and Nadia Bolz-Weber All Have in Common?

They’re all going to the Wild Goose Festival this summer! Yep, you heard right … these fabulous folks and many, many more interesting and passionate people of faith are all part of the line-up for the third annual Wild Goose Festival — a 4-day event centered around social justice, spirituality, music and art in the [Read More…]

Breathing With Gretta…

…a review by Jim Burklo of WE ALL BREATHE – a book of poems by Gretta Vosper As I review my involvement in the progressive Christian movement over the last decade and a half, I face a seeming contradiction. On the one hand, I’m amazed that a small number of devoted people, with very limited [Read More…]

John Holbert: What I’m Reading this Summer

Books have long been my friends, my boon companions, acquaintances on long sleepless nights, during sultry and desultory days, whenever I need to escape and when I must not escape, when I need to see more clearly and understand more helpfully the world that God has given to us. [Read more…]

What We’re Reading This Summer

So many books! So little time, as they say. But doesn’t summer seem to open up just a bit more time and space for some long-awaited dives into those books that have been calling out to you all school year? [Read more…]

Pentecost and the Crucifixion of Privilege

While we continue to live in a society that unjustly rewards some at the expense of others, the Gospel exposes and crucifies such circumstances, and in doing so, we are set free from the lures of privilege and set free for the sake of others. [Read more…]

I Am

I am, said God to Moses from the burning bush. Before Abraham was, I am… I am the light of the world… I am the way… I am the door… I am the vine… Said Jesus, who held up bread and said it was his body, and wine, and said it was his blood. And [Read More…]