Convergence Christianity: A Q&A with Eric Elnes


by Timothy Villareal The Rev. Eric Elnes, senior minister of Countryside Community Church (UCC) in Omaha, Nebraska is a most intriguing fellow, and his web-based weekly program “Darkwood Brew” is arguably one of the most content-rich shows in U.S. religion-based programming, though the program itself defies convention. On any given Wednesday night starting at 6:45 [Read More...]

A Powerful Manual for the Spiritual Life


As a prophet and wisdom teacher, Jesus frequently challenged the status quo and employed witty, paradoxical, and sometimes often shockingly hyperbolic statements to counter conventional wisdom with the alternative wisdom of the kingdom of God, particularly on matters related to holiness/purity, reputation/honor, wealth/possessions, power/position, and inner motivation. In her new book, Between the Dark and [Read More...]

When Did Biblical Marriage Get To Be A Thing?


The day after I became the first Southern Baptist minister to officiate at a same-sex wedding, Rick Lance of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions and Travis Coleman, Jr., president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, issued a joint statement called “Stand Strong For Biblical Marriage.” The statement said that any Southern Baptist minister [Read More...]

When Are My Friends Going to Get Here?


Have you ever thrown a party and had no one show up? While this probably happens more regularly than we would prefer to think about, there is a story that has been making the rounds that has touched a nerve in my heart and, based on its circulation throughout the inter-webs, the hearts of a lot [Read More...]

The Battle Over the Body and Blood of Christ: The Blood Becomes Wine


Editor’s Note: This is the second in a weekly Lenten series on the body and blood of Christ by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott. Cecil B. Demille portrayed Moses receiving the law in a very dramatic way, with wind and fire and Charleton Heston overacting as Moses. When I imagine Moses receiving the law, I see it as a far [Read More...]

Deeper Love: Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change


Announcing: DEEPER LOVE  Faithful Rhetoric for Progressive Social Change [Read more...]

A Progressive Baptist Response to Roger Olson (and a word about heresy)

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Roger Olson, a professor at Truett Theological Seminary and a blogger at Patheos Evangelical recently wrote a piece titled, A Word from a Founder to All My “Moderate Baptist” Friends. His basic argument is that the founder of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), Cecil Sherman, was a theological conservative/moderate who would be upset with Baptists who [Read More...]

The Gospel of Kelly Gissendaner  

Kelly Gissendaner

Georgia clergy just delivered 500 signatures of faith leaders and 40 boxes of names from around the world — calling for a stop to tonight’s execution of Kelly Gissendaner. And there are over 55,000 folks on the groundswell petition which launched just yesterday, and over 1,000 new names are coming in every hour. But some [Read More...]

Women, the Death Penalty, and Jesus

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Only 15 women have been executed in the U.S. since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976. For two death penalty cases involving women to make the news in the same week is unprecedented – but it’s happening. One is Jodi Arias, convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend in 2008, whose sentencing trial is this [Read More...]

Is Theology a Technology?

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This post finds its origins in a tweet: “Theology is a technology.” – @IdeasDoneDaily /// Chewing on that. #newmediaproject #chsocm — David L Hansen (@rev_david) February 23, 2015 After a bit of reflection, I had a response: @expatminister @rev_david @IdeasDoneDaily Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say that theology is NOT a technology. #newmediaproject [Read More...]

I Might Be The World’s Worst Evangelist

The other day I’m  cruising down the highway  listening to the “Frozen” soundtrack (don’t judge, just let it go) when I run over something hard and metallic, which, of course, blew out one of my front tires. This was not the first time this has happened since moving to Oklahoma, so my level of frustration [Read More...]

The Battle Over the Body and Blood of Christ: Altar or Table?


Editor’s Note: This is the first in a weekly Lenten series on the body and blood of Christ by Church History Professor Kelly Pigott. Unless one is referring to the Old Testament sacrificial system, or a place where wedding vows are made, it seems the word “altar” has fallen out of favor with many Protestants. Perhaps the reason [Read More...]