Bruce Reyes-Chow on new Believe Out Loud Video

Now for those who know me, there should be no doubt where I stand on homosexuality and the church. Not a sin, not a choice, not an issue for me. Still, there is much work to be done to address how the church responds to the still controversial “issue” of homosexuality. [Read more...]

A Meditation on the Death of Osama bin Laden

Let us meditate on the choices before us now: The path of prideful gloating, or the path of respectful engagement. The path of hyper-nationalism, or the path of international cooperation. Let us take into account how this event is seen through eyes other than our own. [Read more...]

Easter Grief

The hope of resurrection does not erase the reality of death or the toll it takes. Good Friday will come again next year. Is the measure of how deeply we believe the Easter message the extent to which we are unmoved by death? No. Paul doesn’t say, “Thanks to the resurrection, we don’t grieve.” He says, “Thanks to the resurrection we don’t grieve as others do.” [Read more...]

Good Friday: Entering the Darkness

Growing up, I often heard preachers intone that my name was on Jesus’ lips when he died on the cross, that, in between spasms of excruciating pain, Jesus was thinking of me. In more macabre sermons, pastors would point a finger at the audience and explain that it was I that drove the nails into Jesus with all of my terrible sins. It was a powerful, seductive message. It was also a lie. [Read more...]

Maundy Thursday: Forgiving God

At some point, we have to learn to forgive God. My guess is that most of us don’t want anything to do with forgiving God, either because we rather like the grudges we hold against the Almighty or because we cringe at the idea of God needing forgiveness. But to truly live in relationship to God we have to be capable of forgiving God, of looking at the world God created and ourselves within it, and say to God, “I will love you in spite of this mess, and I forgive you even if it turns out you meant it to be this way all along.” [Read more...]

Clean Feet: A Maundy Thursday Meditation

This text is not about watching Jesus put his hands on somebody else’s feet. It’s about letting Jesus put his hands on our feet. [Read more...]

Is the Resurrection Real?

In just a few days, millions of Christians around the world will rise early in the morning and raise joyful Hallelujahs as they celebrate the defining event of the Christian faith: the Resurrection of Jesus. Undoubtedly, millions more will rise and raise the question—in earnest or in jest—whether the Resurrection could possibly have happened, for [Read More...]

Obama’s Biblical Budget

President Obama’s vision of America follows the spirit of the Hebraic prophets, who proclaimed that a famine of hearing the word of God is a result of our failure to hear the cries of the poor. [Read more...]

When Life Sucks

Will life be different from the dream we were building? Yes. Will there be real losses or less than we hoped? Yes. But life is not about physical perfection and material prosperity. Life is about a journey into God, and what matters most is our capacity for intimacy and companionship with God—whatever the circumstances. [Read more...]

The Language of Science and Faith: Both/And

Oh my God. A recent Gallup poll says 44% of people in the United States believe God created humans fewer than 10,000 years ago. And we wonder why our educational system is ranked 17th? (Note to self: Send big donation to; turns out they’re doing essential work.) But given this sad reality, I’m glad that Karl W. Giberson and Francis S. Collins wrote “The Language of Science and Faith.” [Read more...]

Following The Other Jesus

This week at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring Greg Garrett’s “The Other Jesus: Rejecting a Religion of Fear for the God of Love.” Greg Garrett is one of my favorite columnists at Patheos. His insightful, honest explorations of faith and culture delve deep into the waters of some of the most controversial issues of our day and we re-surface renewed and refreshed, and with clearer Christian goggles to view the world. [Read more...]

Rob Bell’s Universalism?

Once more evangelicals are fighting among each other.  And Rob Bell’s Love Wins is the source of this new controversy.  Is Bell a universalist – heaven forbid! – or one for whom the fires of hell and the warmth of heaven are really the same reality, depending on whether or not we trust the love [Read More...]