The Varieties of God

I offer here a categorization and listing of ways that people think about God. It’s far from complete.  Some categories overlap with each other.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject lately, in the course of reading Nicolas of Cusa from the 15th century and Charles Hartshorne from the 20th, theologians who had strikingly [Read More…]

Our Shadow Side: The Appeal of The Walking Dead

By Clay Morgan Whoa. Along with other non-family friendly phrases, that was the general reaction from millions of people after watching the last three minutes of the season three premier of AMC’s The Walking Dead which pretty much lunged at us through television screens like a man swinging a hatchet. I’m not going to spoil anything major [Read More…]

Rediscovering the Beauty: A Conversation with Brian McLaren and Nadia Bolz-Weber, Part 2

Should we talk about politics in Church? What do we make of the latest Pew Report on the rising numbers of the “religiously unaffiliated?” Why is Progressive Christianity still so invisible to the general population? These were some of the questions I asked Brian McLaren and Nadia Bolz-Weber in the first part of my interview [Read More…]

The Heart of Freedom

“Man needs to know that he is born to freedom, hence to tragedy, but also to opportunity. He could be harmless enough, were he less free. Freedom is our opportunity and our tragic destiny. To face this tragedy courageously we need an adequate vision of the opportunity, as well as the danger.” — Charles Hartshorne, [Read More…]

Rediscovering the Beauty: A Conversation with Brian McLaren and Nadia Bolz-Weber

It’s a rare and wonderful day when I get to spend an hour alone with two of my favorite leading lights of the progressive Christian landscape. And so it was this week, when I found myself sitting in a creaky chair in the choir alcove of the beautiful, historical St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver [Read More…]

Frank Schaeffer Gets Real for RealClear Religion

Popular Patheos blogger, famous ex-Evangelical, and very vocal critic of the Religious Right Frank Schaeffer gave a terrific interview to Deputy Editor Nicholas G. Hahn III over at RealClear Religion this week.  We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite responses here; click on the link below to read the rest of the interview at RCR. Frank [Read More…]

The Pottery Barn Catalog (and other pornographic literature…)

It’s here! It’s here! The October Pottery Barn catalog…be still my heart. I mean, it might be 105 in the shade outside. But inside, with me and my coffee and my favorite leather club chair (which did NOT come from Pottery Barn) it is nothing but fall bliss. Pumpkins, colored leaves, fragrant warm beverages, crisp [Read More…]

Ku Klux Clowns in East Tennessee

I started my Tennessee sabbatical with a story about 3 peace activists who recently shut down the Y12 bomb plant here in Oak Ridge with a stunning protest, armed only with a bible and flowers.  I figure I’ll end my sabbatical with another great story of East Tennessee mischief. This is the story of one [Read More…]

Pub Theology, Part III: An (Un)Safe Place

This is the third in a series on Bryan Berghoef’s new book, Pub Theology: Beer, Conversation, and God. Read the first and second post here and here. Excerpt from Chapter 6: An (Un)Safe Place Many of us who have spent some time at these pub discussions over the last several years have found that when we open ourselves [Read More…]

Arbitrarily Close to God

In 1464, not long after Easter, the secretary to Nicolas of Cusa, a Catholic cardinal, noticed a marked change in the demeanor of his superior. Cusa’s health had been fragile for a while. But now his face was beaming with joy. After being absorbed in meditation for weeks around the time of Easter, Cusa was [Read More…]

Common Sense

In 1776, Tom Paine published “Common Sense”, a widely-read pamphlet that rallied the colonists of America to declare independence from Britain. You can almost hear the penny-whistled tune of “Yankee Doodle” in the background at the mention of his name. But his role as a founder of our nation was but one of his causes. [Read More…]

Responding to 9/11: Remembering the Enemy Within

By Greg Barrett Four years ago during the homestretch of the U.S. presidential election, the Democratic and Republican nominees were asked about the existence of evil by an evangelical Christian pastor who supported the 2003 military invasion of Iraq. At his super-sized McMansion church in Orange County, Calif., Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren quizzed Sens. [Read More…]