Red-headed God

“In all fairness I should say that I have really no problem with using “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen” in liturgy. It feels solid and ancient and beautiful. I use “Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer” as well, but it kind of clumsily reduces God to a job description. Having said that, I must admit that I do,however, have a problem with the exclusive use of the male pronoun when speaking of the Almighty.” The Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber of the House For All Sinnners and Saints in Denver, CO, weighs in on the inclusive language debate… [Read more...]

Sara Miles on Summer Reading

Jesus Freak and Take This Bread author Sara Miles joins the conversation about the one book that has most influenced her faith life, as part of our summer reading series … [Read more...]

Summer Reading: Jana Riess’ #1 pick

Twible author and acquisitions editor Jana Riess shares the book every Christian should read this summer as part of our on-going Summer Reading series… [Read more...]

On Being a Father and a Christian

“Parenting is much more than a Hallmark card or movie (as much as I like these); it is a lifetime, heart-felt, embodied, and practiced commitment to bless another person with your greatest love, regardless of cost or unexpected events. While our quality of parenting vacillates, still parenting asks everything of us.” In honor of Father’s Day, Bruce Epperly pays tribute to his Dad, and offers some tender reflections on fatherhood. [Read more...]

Summer Reading: What book has changed your life?

Over the next two weeks, we’ve invited some of our favorite theobloggers to share the book that has most influenced their faith life over the past ten years, as well as the book they believe every Christian should read, but may not have yet. First up, Alliance of Baptists pastor and spiritual director, Carl Gregg. [Read more...]

Transforming This World: Reflections on the Lectionary

“Within this world of limitation, God is still at work, making a way out of no way, and inviting us to embrace a new vision of ourselves and the world.” Theology Prof Bruce Epperly reflects on themes of spiritual, emotional, social and relational transformation in this Sunday’s lectionary texts. [Read more...]

Longing for paradise: another view on heaven.

We long for paradise. It’s as if something deep down cries out within us and reminds of how it used to be, or at least how its meant to be. We long for a state of existence where pain isn’t in our vocabulary. Where strife, war, anger, lust, hurt don’t have the last word. [Read more...]

A Mass of Grief, After the BP Oil Spill

“My God – I cannot pray today. I have tried to pray but my heart fills with anger. Anger at the injustices of the world, at its poverty and hunger, war and its violence. But today My God I am angry for the oil that is spilling into the ocean.” Read the full liturgy of grief for the Oil Spill… [Read more...]

Alternative Sacraments

At times I find myself at spiritual odds. The poetry of my worship life is rooted in the Anglican/Lutheran tradition but I am a scholar and theologian of the Progressive Christian Alliance. Luckily the ProgCA, like the Metropolitan Community Church, contains a lot of worship and liturgical diversity in it from the Anglican style worship to more Pentecostal styles, all while maintaining a Big Tent approach to progressive Christianity. While the poetry of the mainline Anglican and Lutheran traditions feed my soul, the hierarchal rootedness of those traditions I find soul draining. [Read more...]

Why Question Religion?

“It seems many religious leaders these days aim to discourage people from questioning their faith. They imply we should just accept everything we are taught about religion at face value. They say: “leave the driving to us!” I am sorry, but this is just plain wrong so far as I can tell.” Guest blogger Margaret Placentra Johnston riffs on the journey towards a “mature faith.” [Read more...]

Going Interfaith: Claremont School of Theology’s Radical Move

An exciting week for interreligious dialogue and the future of theological education: Claremont School of Theology, the historic United Methodist Seminary in southern California, announced this week that it is “going interfaith” and forming teaching partnerships with a Jewish academy and an Islamic center. [Read more...]

Taking Simon the Pharisee to School: Lectionary Reflections for Sunday

In our lectionary text for June 13 from Luke 7:36-8:3, Simon the Pharisee objects to the devotion shown to Jesus by a woman who is a “sinner.” Who says being as judgmental as Simon is less serious than whatever this woman’s sins have been? [Read more...]