Practicing Transfiguration

What can we do beyond merely admiring Jesus’ Transfiguration? Said differently, what could it mean to practice Transfiguration? [Read more...]

Saving Christian Bookstores

I have been the publicist for a major Christian music festival for years, and every summer I hang out with thousands of young people and see what they’re into, and liturgical/Southern Gospel music ain’t it. [Read more...]

No Easy Answers: Reflections on Matthew 6:24-34

Jesus’ teachings are digging tools that undercut the foundation of my house . . . which makes them so very annoying. [Read more...]

Sketchy Scenes: Reflections on this Sunday Scriptures

When I hear the teachings about loving our enemies and turning the other cheek, I feel discouraged. What is Jesus really getting at in such “extreme” scenes? Reflections on this Sunday scripture texts…. [Read more...]

Liberation, from Egypt: Portents of Change in American Christianity

As the track of evangelical emergent pluralists connects with the track of theologically and socially progressive Christians, prepare for a trans-continental expansion of faith consciousness. The people, particularly young people, are leading, and someday soon their leaders are either going to have to follow or get out of the way. [Read more...]

Why The Revolution in Egypt is Dangerous for Our Youth

What happens if teens discover that the pacifist life of Jesus that we often idealize and couch in metaphors turns out to be an actual possibility for a way to be in the world? Youth Minister BRIAN KIRK on the implications of the non-violent uprising in Egypt for our youth. [Read more...]

Egyptian Surprise Bears Repeating

As hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have shown the world — gathered across what many have seen as insurmountable spiritual and social divides – the way forward is fueled by faith, hope and love. [Read more...]

What If There Were No Religions?

Imagine no religion? Are we crazy? Without religion we have only animal instincts and pop culture to guide us; hence the youth culture of sexting – just to pick an example. [Read more...]

Ancient Stones, Living Stones: An Alternative Tour of the Holy Land

“Within the despairingly complicated quagmire of issues in Jerusalem, we encountered several pictures of hope.” A post by Frank Rogers from the trip-blog, “Ancient Stones, Living Stones.” [Read more...]

A Salt & Light Job Description: Reflections on Sunday’s scriptures, Matthew 5:13-16

“Have a nice day” is not the sort of thing Jesus ever said to anyone when leaving them or when they were leaving him. He said things like, “Go and sin no more,” or “Rise, take up your bed and walk,” and “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations . . .” In these verses (Matthew 5:13-16), he is saying, “Go, be salt and light.” Of course, lots of people, then and now, respond with, “Sorry, I have other plans.” [Read more...]

Christians and Guns

Naturally there is nothing in the Bible about guns themselves, and there is little in scripture about rights, as we understand and claim them in America, including the right to bear arms (although a considerable amount about responsibilities). In the scriptural record, though, we can uncover two pertinent themes, both of which require some interpretation: righteous violence and radical pacifism. [Read more...]

If Jesus Were on Facebook….Reflections on Matthew 5:1-12

I like Facebook, but I have somehow ended up with lots of friends I don’t even know. Maybe that’s how Jesus feels. Lots of people ask to be his friends, and when he confirms them, they never give him another thought. Lots of people claim to be his friends and really are barely acquainted with his life story and body of teachings, much less willing to live by them. [Read more...]