Tweets from My Subconscious

This bus is a house I am renting for 15 minutes. So little time, so many roommates! I want to live in a world in which directions are marked with feathers instead of arrows. Guest blogger Jim Burklo offers these and other random tweets from his daily commute at his Musings blog today…. [Read more...]

The Cosmos is all that is…

Does a finite universe that creates itself eliminate the need for a Creator God? Stephen Hawking answers with a yes. He pulls no punches again Christian creation theology in spelling out the implications he sees in his scientific work. [Read more...]

Star Wars Opening Crawl

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Sometimes I think we need to remember the Star Wars opening crawl when we approach ancient texts to “get a message.” Find an analogy between then and now, is the advice we often get. But maybe a better piece of advice is to look for [Read More...]


When I first finished divinity school, I subscribed to a journal of Christian spirituality called Weavings. That was when I first heard of the concept of “active waiting.” Guest blogger Monica Coleman shares this post from her Beautiful Mind blog on faith and depression. [Read more...]

Garbage into Gold

Today was tomato planting day, an event that always makes me feel as though spring has really arrived in Seattle.  And to top it off, it was the first really warm and sunny day so far this year. We turned the beds and added compost.  It was surprisingly the compost that held my attention the [Read More...]

Being a Mom: Less Happy, More Joyful?

Am I happier as a mother than I was as a married woman without children? Is my mom happier than she was decades ago, before her four kids came into her life? The thing is, being a mother involves the kind of love that Jesus called agape, self-sacrificial love, love that gets to work no matter what the circumstances. Guest blogger Amy Julia Becker considers the “happiness” factor of mothering. [Read more...]

“M” is for the Many Things – A Mother’s Day Sermon

In my version of this poem, M is for the mixed feelings I have about Mother’s Day. Because no human mom fulfills her role as perfectly as the mom in that poem. A day when we moms suspect that your cards tell us who we are not but who society, our family, maybe even God wishes we were.
[Read more...]

Mother God and Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, I invite you to consider an alternative Trinitarian formula from the Trinity Working Group of the Presbyterian Church (USA): Mother, Child, Womb. This maternal language for God has roots in many sources, including both the biblical book of Isaiah and the writings of the sixteenth-century Protestant theologian John Calvin. As the recommendation of the [Read More...]

When Hawking Created the Heavens and the Earth

Even though evolutionary biology is currently getting all the public attention about the relation of science to religion, an exploration of physics and astronomy seems appropriate given Stephen Hawking’s public reemergence with the series “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” currently airing on the Discovery Channel. [Read more...]

What Was Jesus’ Secret Message?

What if Jesus wrote a letter to Mary Magdalene? What if that letter explained how each person must integrate their masculine and feminine sides in order to be whole? What if those teachings had the power to heal relationships, not only between individuals but also between Jews, Christians, and Muslims? Presbyterian Pastor Ruth Huizenga Everhart reviews the new book, The Galilean Secret. [Read more...]

Bible Memorization with a Twist

When I was a child, my mother made my brother and me memorize Bible verses on a weekly basis. I have to admit that we didn’t take this practice too seriously, even though, at the height of the Cold War, my mother counseled us, “If they take away your Bible, you’ll still have the word of God imprinted in your mind.” Today, I have reclaimed the practice of Bible memorization but with a different twist. I call this practice “affirmative faith” or “spiritual affirmations.” Bruce Epperly dishes some spiritual food for thought this Monday morning. [Read more...]

Pluralism Sunday, May 2nd

“Pluralism toward other religions is an expression of the very essence of Christian faith.” Did you know that this Sunday, May 2, is Pluralism Sunday? What does that mean, and what can we do in our church services to honor it? Jim Burklo, from The Center for Progressive Christianity, shares reflections and resources for celebrating religious diversity in churches around the world this Sunday. [Read more...]