Creation is Dying – What Can We Do?

This week I have read several articles about the impact of the oil spill that is now hitting the Louisiana coast. Looking at some of these photos this morning filled me with despair and left me feeling helpless. But the impact of this catastrophe goes far beyond what is happening on the Gulf coast and the solutions we need should go far beyond the endeavours to still the flow and clean up the coastline. [Read more...]

Have Christians Sinned Against the Gospel?

The ancient Greek word for sin, hamartia, is an archery term that refers to missing the mark. It evokes an image of someone who tries to hit the bull’s eye, who has the intention of hitting it dead on, but who fails. As pure as our intentions may have been, what if our past interpretations [Read More...]

A Trinity-Shaped Life

I wonder if, on Trinity Sunday, many people feel like the sermon is answering a question they aren’t asking. (What does the Trinity have to do with my daily life?) And many preachers may think to themselves, “Here is another occasion when my job is to try to convince people that an abstract concept they never give much thought to is foundational to their lives.” A better approach is to paint the broad brushstrokes of the doctrine and ask, what’s at stake? So what? What’s at stake in claiming that there are three persons and one essence, not just God being called different things at different times? [Read more...]

James Bond at Blockbusters

In my book Novel Preaching I tell of having lunch with the chair of the English Department at SMU. C.W. Smith. Dr. Smith is the award winning author of several novels and short stories, most recently the novel Purple Hearts, a story set in a small Texas town during W.W. II. Dr. Smith commented to me, “The most difficult thing in teaching 18 year olds creative writing is getting them to notice what they see. The second thing is to get them to have the confidence that what they notice has some significance.” [Read more...]

Feast of the Lamb

I win most “my childhood was so fundamentalist’” debates. In these conversations I usually just have to bring up one name, and the latest round of “Crazy Christian upbringing” goes to me. That name is Jerry Falwell. For most mainline and progressive Christians the name itself is enough to bring weeping and gnashing of teeth. [Read More...]

LOST Meaning-Making

Rather than simply escapist television, I would argue that for many fans of the series their experiences of LOST were highly religious in nature. While numerous definitions of religion exist, one rather basic definition could be that which attempts to explain the meaning of life and what happens to us during and after death. There can be no doubt that, according to this definition, LOST functioned as a religious text. [Read more...]

Sunday Recap: Spirit Freak

Missed church yesterday? Pastor Courtney Pinkerton shares her reflections on Pentecost: “Call her what you will: Pneuma, breath of God, Sophia, this feminine Spirit of God woven through Hebrew Scriptures, Flame, Wind, Advocate, Paraclete, Comforter. I’ll take them all. I also have a sneaking suspicion she may be what the Quaker’s call the inner teacher, the soul’s own wisdom.” [Read more...]

Why Technology Matters in Following Jesus

“Science and technology give us new ways to live our faith and show love to our neighbor.” Professor of Science and Religion Noreen Herzfeld weighs in on how religion actually benefits from technological advances, as part of our on-going series on the religion-science debate this week at Patheos. [Read more...]

Cosmology, Ontology, and God

It seems like a universe capable of creating itself and time would eliminate the need for a creator, but things are more complicated. Problems revolving around contingency would remain in such a universe. And some theologians have been arguing for ultimate causal answers in response to such problems. [Read more...]

Bird Shadows/Holy Spirit

“My God is in the next room, cooking unseen feasts and humming…” More poetic musings on the Holy Spirit, from guest blogger Callid Keefe-Perry. [Read more...]

The Appointment

I was guilty of my own pet peeve a few days ago. I canceled dinner plans with a friend via text message. Living in an iPhone world has made it quite easy and, for better or worse, acceptable to change or cancel the appointments we make with others with little notice. Overbooking, better offers, traffic, [Read More...]

Are Science and Religion Compatible? You betcha!

“Why would someone want to think that science and religion are incompatible? I can think of two reasons, both of which are inadequate.” Ted Peters of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences offers our first in a series of responses to the religion-science debate we’ll be posting here at Faith Forward over the next week. [Read more...]