Nared and Filfin Contemplate the Mind of God

One of my favorite story-tellers, Mark Yaconelli, shares a remarkable conversation between his daughter’s two homemade dolls about God. See if it doesn’t set you off on some deep theological thinking today … [Read more...]

Life-Positive and The Politics of the Middle

My wife and I began a conversation the other day evaluating the ways in which we express ourselves as ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ people of faith, and the startling ways in which we find ourselves becoming more conservative with age. We wondered if this was because with age we have become more contemplative and have lost [Read More...]

Bible, Torah & Koran as Art

“I’m making an American Flag. A big one. Twenty-four feet by thirteen feet. I’m making it out of Bibles and Bibles with Apocrypha, Korans and Talmuds and Torahs, Sutras and Vedic Scriptures, Books of Mormon and New Age texts.” Artist and pastor Tim Mooney describes his ambitious sacred art installation project and how you can help… [Read more...]

Our God is a Chaotic God

What if there really was nothing before the first things in the universe? No God preceded creation. Must atheistic conclusions necessarily follow? Not according to some arguing that God and the initial chaos of the early universe could have existed together in a state of co-dependency.
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Surprising Abundance: A Meditation on Sunday’s Lectionary

“Today’s progressive and moderate Christians struggle with feelings of scarcity, despite the abundance of the universe. Thoughts of God, possibility, and creativity are often eclipsed by laments about what we don’t have and the way things used to be. We’ve heard the widow of Zarephath’s mantra, coming from our own lips, all too often in our churches and institutions: “I am gathering a couple of sticks; so that I may go home and prepare a meal for myself and my son, that we may eat it and die.”” Bruce Epperly reflects on this Sunday’s lectionary text. [Read more...]

Jewish Superheroes: A look at an oppressed people

The Jewish people (in and outside of biblical record) were an oppressed people. If you put this in terms of highschool. They were the ‘nerds’ of the world. They were the essential outsider, the geeks who never got the girl. Their story (in the Torah, Gemara, Mishnah, Tanya and others) out of that oppression seems to be quite document in their literature. During their development as a people, one man stood apart in the eyes of their deity. He was chosen to be the progenitor, or the first Jewish Superhero of the race of this ‘holy nation’. [Read more...]

13 Things I Like About Protestant Christians

Over at the Pagan Portal, the very funny Starr Foster just posted a list of 13 things she likes about Protestants, from the Tudors on Showtime to tithing … [Read more...]

Illustrating the Divine

Lost in the never-ending debates about biblical inerrancy and infalibility is the recognition of the Bible’s worth as a great work of literature. Lost is the focus on how it has inspired countless translations and interpretations, both written and visual. One of the more recent examples of this is Sanjay Patel’s latest book, Ramayana: Divine Loophole, a visually stunning re-telling of one of the most famous sacred stories of all time. [Read more...]

Post-Denominational Christianity

With any luck the mainline church will be dead shortly. As a person who came to faith in the Non-denominational evangelical church and continued in faith in the Mainline Protestant/Liberal Theological tradition this is not an easy thing for me to say. But the truth is that across the board numbers are dropping… [Read more...]

Responding to the Oil Spill: A Spiritual Practice

I awoke this morning to the news that BP’s ‘top kill’ strategy has failed: “In the six weeks since the spill began, the company has failed in each attempt to stop the gusher, as estimates of how much is leaking grow more dire. It’s the worst spill in U.S. history — exceeding even the Exxon [Read More...]

Leaving the the gardens of our own making: a different view on the adam and eve story

desire longs for a less mediated reality. – anna smith Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. — David I have this old pair of shoes. The other day as it was pouring down with rain (as it does in England!) I found out the hard way [Read More...]

Memorial Day Meditation: Finding the Sacred in a Secular Holiday

“Regardless of our feelings about a particular war or military service in general, Memorial Day invites us to remember the sacrifices of others and the intricate interdependence of life. Our freedoms and lifestyle are not accidental, but the result of the sacrifices of others. None of us is self-made. We all need one another to achieve the most important things in life, whether in relationships, personal well-being, spiritual growth, and business success.” Bruce Epperly reflects on the spirituality of a secular holiday. [Read more...]