Seth Green Legally Makes Name Less Jewy

Actor Seth Green has legally changed his name to, well, Seth Green. The actor was born Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green but has been using Seth Green professionally for so long that he decided to make the change official. TMZ already beat me to the “less Jewy name” joke, but it bears repeating. That said, “Natalie Portman” is a lot easier to pronounce than “Natalie Hershlag” and nobody doubts her Tribe bona fides, so as long as Seth doesn’t convert to another faith he’s probably still welcome at the Seder table.

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  • Funny, yesterday I kept typing Seth Green when I was trying to type Sam Green (a friend’s name)…not that that’s related to this at all. Amazing how Tony Danza had to go from that to Anthony Idanza for being too Italian and same for Alan Alda who was originally Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo …but we now have actors with ethnic names like David Borneaz and Jon Krasinski. But some people still prefer brevity and not constantly having to correct people on pronunciation (remember poor Katarzyna Dolinska on America’s Next Top Model

  • And I do realize that Judaism is a religion (and depending on who you ask an ethnicity) while the others are nationalities, but the idea is very much the same. Zenophobia in Hollywood for the difficult to pronounce last name or the one that might reveal one’s religion or origin is still rampant.

  • Eileen Nguyen

    Didn’t Natalie Portman use the name, in part, for privacy purposes, especially while she was at Harvard?

    As for Seth Green, I don’t know if that’s about dumping the Jewishness as much as it is “hyphenated names suck.” Most of my friends with double surnames use just one – sometimes it’s the more WASP-y name; sometimes it’s the more ethnic name; sometimes it’s the first name; and sometimes it’s the last. Usually it’s the father’s. So, honestly, if Green is Seth’s dad’s name, he’s probably been using it on its own his whole life.