TLC Picks Up New Show Called ‘Preacher Wives’

TLC, which stopped being The Learning Channel quite some time ago, has announced some of its new shows for 2012. One is Preacher Wives, which is described thusly:

Discovery Communications’ TLC has picked up Preacher Wives, a new series about outspoken female preachers in Atlanta, which chronicles the lives of these larger-than-life women as they manage day-to-day politics, help troubled or needy congregants, hire and fire staff while balancing between being a parent and a respected public figure.

So, while the show could be interesting, one thing bugs me from the word go: the title. The show isn’t about women who are married to preachers, it’s about women who are preachers. So what the hell does it matter whether they’re married? I guess TLC wants to follow the naming convention of its popular show Sister Wives, not to mention other networks’ hit shows like Basketball Wives and Mob Wives, but I’m already giving them a D for effort.

With shows like this one, which have loose premises, casting is everything. If TLC rounds up some women who are interesting to watch, they’ll have a hit on their hands. Might I make one suggestion? Pebbles “Sister Perri” Reid, a former pop star and ex-wife of X Factor judge/music industry exexc L.A. Reid. Pebbles briefly managed TLC into bankruptcy in the ’90s but found God and is now a minister. I would watch a show about her in a hot second, so please get on that, TLC.

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