FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Is An Atheist

You’re not supposed to talk about religion, sex, or politics in polite company, but reality TV is not polite company. MTV’s Teen Mom franchise obviously talks a lot about sex, and politics comes up occasionally in the form of abortion/adoption conversations. Religion, though, doesn’t come up much on the show. However, many of the girls keep up with fans via their Twitter accounts, and they often share more personal or in-depth stuff than we see on TV. One of those moments happened this week with Kailyn Lowry, a mom from the Teen Mom 2 cast. Kail lives in Pennsylvania and has a son named Isaac whom she is co-parenting with her ex-boyfriend Jo.

On Twitter, Kail identified herself as an atheist. After a fan replied that atheists are “ignorant” and that she would pray for Kail, the teen mom responded, “Being ignorant is pushing your beliefs on other people. I can still be a good person if I don’t believe in God.” Good on you, Kail! She’s one of the better moms from the series (then again, when you’re up against Jenelle Evans it’s not that difficult), and I hope she stays focused and works on getting her life together.

Update: Not only is Kail an atheist, but she’s insinuating that the Teen Mom producers forced her to celebrate Christmas on camera. Last season, Kail had a Christmas tree in her apartment and exchanged gifts with then-boyfriend Jordan, but when asked on Twitter about why she celebrated a holiday she doesn’t believe in, Kail replied “That was two years ago and what I was told to do.”

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