Scientologist John Travolta Allegedly Said Gay Jews Run Hollywood

Scientologist John Travolta Allegedly Said Gay Jews Run Hollywood May 8, 2012

It’s no secret that John Travolta is a longtime member of the Church of Scientology. What has been a secret – although a loudly gossiped about one – is his sexuality. Though Travolta is married to fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston, rumors have circulated since his Welcome Back Kotter days that Travolta is bisexual or gay. Now, his sexuality is about to become a more public issue. Last Friday, a male masseuse filed a suit against Travolta, saying that the actor fondled the masseuse and requested a sex act from him.

But what does that have to do with faith going pop? I’m so glad you asked. Travolta also reportedly told the masseuse that he had traded sexual favors for roles, because Hollywood is run by “homosexual Jewish men.” Does he hang out with Mel Gibson? Were sexual favors how he managed to get enough money to make Battlefield Earth? So many questions! I can’t wait to see how many Scientology lawyers they sic on this case.

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  • Gast

    Of course a lot of bishops, popes were gays that’s why they raped little boys and they hated women. In history they were always gays and THEY murdered the women till today with their phallus worship.

    • Shirley711

      Raping little boys is not done by gays. raping little boys is done by paedophiles.

      • Tktimoteo

        shirley I am willing to put big money on the fact that 70-90% of these people who claim to be gay were molested when they were younger…regardless of the actual percentage MANY people who are drawn into that lifestyle were molested as children. Jesus’ atitude towards pedophiles its that it would be better that you tie a 2 ton rock to your neck and be dropped into the deepest sea than to harm a child. Pedophiles should be SEVERELY dealt with in order to break the chain of perpetual/generational victimization. People who know and do not expose this are freaking cowards WORSE than the german people who stood by and allowed the nazi’s to victimize the Jews without offering to help.

        • luckyangel13

          When did Jesus come down to earth and tell you how he felt about gays? Just wondering since you think you know why people are gay and what Jesus would think. I know a lot of gay ppl and NOT ONE were molested or molest. I do however know that GOD and JESUS dont like when you pass judgement on ANYONE so you really should stop before Jesus puts a rope around your neck and drops you in the deepest ocean.

        • mira

          I’m sorry, where exactly did you get 70-90%? That is so, incredibly untrue. Furthermore, gay men and women are not ‘drawn’ into a lifestyle; they are born that way. Please don’t present false info as truth. Also, gay =/= pedophiles or people molested by pedophiles. Get your facts straight.

          • You said it!

          • Thats a lie. Although there is no way to know what percentage of homosexuals were molested as children, I can tell you that i identified as a lesbian and i was molested since the age of 3 i was never secure in my body and i have always been sexual. I know plenty of gay men who have shared with me that they had been molested by males, this is a sensitive subject thats not talked about. Quite frankly im so sick of people stating that all or most homosexuals are born that way it is simply a lie and it is not fair to those who are struggling with various sexual issues because of being molested

        • Wow, talk about homophobia. Your stats are not only inflated but wrong. Last time I checked, Jesus is all forgiving and your attitude is clearly prejudiced.

  • Per L. Ron Hubbard, John’s mental confusion stems from the dead alien souls that infest his head.

    Each of us on earth, are infested with tens of thousands, sometimes more, of dead alien souls, called “body thetans”.

    These “body thetans” are messed up bodiless souls, and they are in big clusters and they leak their mental confusions into our heads.

    John has been stalled and incomplete on his Scientology exorcism “upper level” number 5. To complete the Hubbard Scientology high volume exorcism in full, John needs to complete “upper level” number 7, which is what Tom Cruise has done. Tom’s done with “upper level” number 7, and Tom’s gotten rid of all of his “body thetans.”

    So, all John needs to do, to ultimately handle this whole gay thing, is just complete his exorcism Scientology “upper level” number 5, 6 and 7, and get rid of all those confusing dead alien souls that infest him!

    This is how Scientology plans to help John in these trying times he’s going through.

    Reporters should just ask John about completing “upper levels” 5, 6 and 7, so he’s all fixed like Tom Cruise is now.

    • Apophis2012

      I seriously hope you are smoking crack because if you really believe that you must live in a constant state of fear…..dumb arse yanks

    • Doccoogan

      scientology is a huge scam and not a true religion. Hubbard was a liar and a fraud.

      • Dave Garry

        L. Ron Hubbard was a mason, Joseph Smith was a mason, both religions believe (or tell their followers) that they will be the god of a planet when they die…

  • Apophis2012

    Hollywood is run by Jews it is no secret that freemasonry controls America and is a Jewish society! Homosexual acts are common to all secret societies do this is no surprise… Wake up America!

    • Gwaggoner66

      my family have been free masons for over two hundred years. we are good people with no bad will towards anyone. we are christains but do not discriminated by faith to God or to homosexuals. America is awake for the first time praticing tolerance and love for one another. Love can only be realized when it is unconditional. I pray for people like you that fill you mind with negativety.

      • Low level Freemasons like you and your family know shit about the crimes about the top order ! you guys are initiated in the cabal brotherhood and just mind fucked to stay within their realms !! read through texts and see how satanic they are !! i guess you just take part in crazy costume ceremonies without going through the details and origins of all the rites !! read the books of Albert Pike ! and than listen to the speeches of Fritz Springmeir !

  • Lookoverthere2

    John is just sexual. He has been with many men and several women in his life. People place too much on sexuality. I know him back from the late eighties and early nineties where he partied in private with other known gay artist and celebrities. The proof is there but any respectable person who has had this proof for years would keep this proof private because they are good at heart and see no benefit to them to cause another person or their family harm. Gay or straight or bi-sexual….does it really matter. Is he a good father? A good husband? Is he a good person? Yes he is, so, so what if he has sex with both women and men. Live and let live. If he committed sexual battery, that is a separate issue and the legal system should handle it in court and the court of public opinion should have no say.

    • Mag

      But he CHEATED. And if Kelly is okay with it than that’s a different story. But there is also the more important issue of AIDS and how careless has he been? And why
      doesn’t he just come out already so Kelly can stand by her man just like Mrs. McGreevy so John can also be that proud gay American.

      • Exactly. John shouldn’t have married if he needed to sort his stuff out.

    • Mbennett004

      Tell a lie long enough and people will believe it. I am starting to wonder if Travolta is truly gay. If he is not then maybe is bi-sexual. But it seems there is such a push from people to get this guy to come out. I am just wondering if this isn’t agenda driven. The more people in the entertainment industry that come out the acceptable homosexuality becomes in our pop culture. Just a thought.

    • He cheated and lied to Kelly. That is not living and letting live. Deceit regardless of which way your wind blows is evil.

  • you would be amazed at the truth that lies behind idle words

  • Zionists are encouraging faggotism among the gentiles ! its the homosexual agenda in full force 1 wake up !