Michelle Duggar’s Sister Kathie Died – Will We See That On the Show?

Michelle Duggar‘s sister Kathie Ruark Arnold passed away in March. Michelle is the youngest child in her family and stayed behind to marry Jim-Bob Duggar when the rest of her family relocated to Ohio. There were one or two episodes of 19 Kids and Counting where Michelle visited her Ruark relatives, but for the most part they haven’t been featured on the show – this could be simply because of geography (although Ohio is way closer than Jerusalem or Tokyo, where the Duggars have been recently), but there have been rumors that the Ruarks, who are not strongly religious, don’t agree with Michelle and Jim-Bob’s way of life. (There’s another sister who is a lesbian and either partnered or married.)

Here’s Kathie’s obituary. It sounds like she had a full and happy life. You can definitely see the Ruark family resemblance in this photo, as Kathie had long, wavy hair just like her sister (although she styled it much better, in my opinion). May she rest in peace.

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  • Chistine

    you are very catty! You hate this family because they don’t share your views but you! You are mad because they are Christian or because they don’t agree with gay marriage? Hmm no tolerance for those you don’t agree with? And what’s with the comment about her hair? surely you can be a better person than that?

  • Chistine

    you really come of as someone who is just bitter. IF THEY DON’T AGREE WITH SOMEONES LIFESTYLE, WHO CARES? Its like you hating them because of theirs. What makes you any better?