Review of 50 Years of Spanking Research Reveals Sobering Truth

In a recently published meta analysis in the Journal of Family Psychology, developmental psychologist Elizabeth Gershoff and University of Michigan professor Andrew Grogan-Kaylor sift through 75 studies, for a total data pool of nearly 161,000 children, and find "no evidence that spanking is ass … [Read More...]

Hate Attachment Parenting? So Did This Mom. Here’s The Surprising Thing She Discovered.

God gives us the children we need.  He speaks to us through our children.  We can listen for his voice, or let the noise in our heads tune it out. The choice is ours.  Here's one mother's heartfelt struggle to learn to listen--and experience the healing that comes in hearing.When my daughter Az … [Read More...]

More2Life Hack: 3 Tips for More Joyful Living!

Who doesn't want more joy in their lives?  Today on More2Life Radio, we explored what it takes to overcome common obstacles to more joyful living.  The short version?  You don't have to wait for all th … [Read More...]

More2Life Hack: 3 Tips for Staying Close Through Conflict

Today on More2Life radio, we looked at ways husbands and wives can grow closer not just in spite of conflict.  Here are three things happy couples know about managing … [Read More...]

More2Life Hack: 3 Tips for Authentic Forgiveness

Today on More2Life, we explored what authentic forgives does (and doesn't) require.  Here are three tips to help you make forgiving others less complicated.1. There is a difference between … [Read More...]

“They Did What?!?” Simple Steps to Making Peace with People Who Hurt Us

My latest for OSVNewsweeklyLife is filled with people who frustrate, irritate and otherwise infuriate us. Whether it comes to managing conflict in our own households or facing political … [Read More...]

Millennials Less Promiscuous Than Any Generation for 60 Years. Here’s Why That’s TERRIBLE.

Some Christian news outlets are rejoicing at the recent study finding that Millennials are less sexually active than any other generation for the last 60 years. The perception by some is that this … [Read More...]

Only the Godless Die Young

With apologies to Billy Joel, new research from Harvard shows that, irrespective of the state of their general health, only the godless die young.Over the last 20 years, research has gradually … [Read More...]

What Faith Stage Are You? The 6 Stages of Seeking Meaning, Significance, and Transcendence.

The following article is adapted from Discovering God Together:  The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful KidsMost people think that faith is something you either have or you don't.  But research by … [Read More...]

More2Life Radio Coming to EWTN Radio Network & SIRIUS/XM Channel 130 @ 10amE/9amC

EWTN Radio announced today that they will begin airing More2Life with Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak each weekday at a new time, 10am Eastern/9am Central, beginning August 15th, 2016.  More2Life is a ca … [Read More...]