Are Your Relationships “Frozen”? What Disney Can Teach Us About A Common Relationship Problem

There is a terrific article at The Science of Relationships on what Disney’s Frozen can teach us about a common relationship problem and how it can negatively impact even our physical health! While the Disney animated film “Frozen” is most famous for its lovable characters and award-winning song “Let it Go”, this kids’ movie can teach us a thing or two about attachment styles in close relationships and the important interplay between partners’ preferences for intimacy versus independence. In “Frozen,”… Read more

4 Ways Parents and Adult Children Can Get Along

Relationships between parents and adult children–and vice versa–can be tricky.  Today, on More2Life Radio, we discussed the challenges that these relationships face and how to negotiate them more effectively.  In particular, we focused on four action-steps that help parents relate more effectively with their adult children and, for that matter, allow adult children to relate more effectively to their parents.  We used the acronym RISE. R–RELATIONSHIP  I–INTERCEDE S–SUPPORT E–ENCOURAGE  Relationship In general, parents and adult children tend to assume too… Read more

Want Better Sex? Talking Together More Effective Than “Female Viagra”, New Study Says

A hormone treatment with oxytocin improves the sexual experience of women suffering from sexual dysfunction. This is the finding of a study conducted at MedUni Vienna, which has now been published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. However, a control group that only received a placebo via a nasal spray, showed similar improvements. Sexual dysfunction in women is therefore not merely a question of a chemical hormone deficiency but is often also a sign of a lack of communication with a partner… Read more

Bad Parenting: Why The Ban Against Communion for Divorced and Remarried Catholics Is Unjust and 3 Ways to Fix It.

In all the debate about what should be done to help those Catholics who have divorced and remarried without the benefit of an annulment, there is one solution I have not heard debated. Let’s Be Honest…  I agree that it is seriously problematic to allow those who have remarried without the benefit of an annulment to receive communion for the reasons I have mentioned elsewhere.   But let’s face it, Did the vast majority of people who are on this path… Read more

Sloth at the Synod? OR…Why Cardinal Johnny Can’t (be bothered to) Read

Some years back, Rudolph Flesch wrote a book called, “Why Johnny Can’t Read” about the poor state of literacy among children.  As I listen to the various conversations going on at the Synod on the Family in Rome, I wonder if Flesch could be persuaded to write a sequel for Catholic Cardinals and Archbishops. During the synod, there have been many discussions about how to handle various challenges such as what can be done to help Catholics who have remarried… Read more

OUTRAGE! Divorce, Remarriage and Getting Kicked Out of the Catholic Hospital.

I had a conversation with a reporter yesterday from a prominent newspaper about the ongoing Synod on the Family.  We had a great discussion and I appreciated her time.  In particular, we talked a lot about people who felt alienated from the Church (and those who are divorced and remarried in particular).  The conversation left me in a thoughtful mood. In particular, I was left reflecting on the question, “Why, exactly, do so many people feel excluded by the Church–especially… Read more

In-Law Conflict? New Study Suggests a Simple Solution

The key to dealing with future in-laws who disapprove of your relationship may involve showing them what a good influence you are on their child.  In the Springer journal Human Nature, Menelaos Apostolou shares the results of interviews with Greek- Cypriot children and parents and also finds that mothers may be more easily won over than fathers. Children frequently choose mates who do not appeal to their parents. For instance, they may choose individuals who are physically attractive, even though parents… Read more

Are You Getting The Help You Need? 5 Ways Seeking Help Can Make Things Worse

Are your attempts to seek help actually making things worse? Earlier today, Simcha Fisher featured a guest post titled Married to An Angry Man written by Monica More (a pseudonym).  It’s a story about a woman who is struggling in her marriage and who feels that all of her efforts to seek help have failed.  My heart broke when I read it because it is a story I encounter so often.  I am grateful to Monica for sharing her story because… Read more

Pphubb You.

Yesterday on More2Life Radio, Bill Donaghy of the Theology of the Body Institute spoke of what he called, “Digital Contraception”; times when we let screens (phones, tablets, laptops, etc) come between us and opportunities for communion with others.  I didn’t discover this in time for yesterday’s show, but psychology actually has a name for this phenomenon, “Partner Phone Snubbing” or “Pphubbing.”  A new study by Baylor University examines the frequency and impact of Pphubbing on intimate relationships…. A provocative new study… Read more

Greg Camacho LOVES “Broken Gods”

Greg Camacho at the Pilgrim Center of Hope has a lovely review of one of my newest books, Broken Gods:  Hope, Healing and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart. In this great new book, Dr. Popcak contends that “when God looks at you, He sees a god” (with a small g). It might seem crazy or even blasphemous, but that’s only because we’re used to seeing ourselves as broken, struggling, failing and frustrated. Subtitled Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings… Read more

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