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5 Ways Catholic Families Stand Out–Does YOUR Family Do These Things?

In anticipation of my wife and I speaking at the upcoming World Meeting of Families, I'll be contributing a monthly feature at the Our Sunday Visitor Daily Take.  Here is my first installment that looks at 5 ways Catholic families are called to be different from other families.Are Catholic f … [Read More...]


Resolving Sexual Conflict–A Spiritual Response

Research shows that about 80% of couples experience some degree of conflict related to mismatched sexual desire.  Some couples manage this mismatched desire well while, for others, differences in desire can become a huge marital issue.  What separates between these two groups?Libido Not the C … [Read More...]


Want to Bring the World to Christ? Strengthen Your Marriage!

People seem to think that working on their marriage is somehow self-serving or selfish. But the Theology of the Body reminds us that people aren't converted by words and concept and arguments. They … [Read More...]


Attachment Parenting vs. Spiritual Detachment: Two Great Things That Go Great Together.

A guest blog by More2Life Radio Contributor,  Kim Cameron-SmithAn acquaintance and I were recently chatting when the subject of parenting came up. I explained that I am an “attachment-minded pa … [Read More...]

Image via shutterstock.  Used with permission. Talks About Surviving & Thriving the First 3 Years of Parenthood

Recently, Lisa and I sat down with Lisa Hendey of about our book Then Comes Baby: The Catholic Guide to Surviving & Thriving the First 3 Years of Parenthood. In the interview, we … [Read More...]


“Sto Lat!” Now (even more) Popcak in Poland

Sadly, I've never actually been to Poland, but considering that the core mission of my ministry is helping people apply principles from St John Paul II's Theology of the Body to the challenges of … [Read More...]


Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy as Effective as Meds for Longterm Relief from Depression, Says Lancet

Researchers in the U.K. have found that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) may offer just as much protection from depression relapse as antidepressants, with no significant difference in cost, … [Read More...]


Y’know that New Study That Said “Quantity Time Doesn’t Matter?” Um, Never Mind…

 People were writing to ask me what I thought of this, frankly, moronic report in the WaPo last month on how it doesn't matter how much time parents spend with kids.  I didn't respond … [Read More...]

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Horrifying New Study: Babies Feel Pain Like Adults But Most Not Given Pain Meds For Surgery

Well, this is horrifying.The brains of babies 'light up' in a very similar way to adults when exposed to the same painful stimulus, a pioneering brain scanning study has discovered. It suggests … [Read More...]


Separate But Equal? Why “Freedom of Worship” Makes Religious People Sit at Back of the (Church) Bus

In light of my earlier post advancing a secular, empirical argument for the value of public prayer, I've been engaged in an interesting discussion with a couple of atheist bloggers at Patheos on what … [Read More...]