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Raising Moral Kids in an Immoral World

An Ascension Press Webinar with Dr. Greg and Lisa PopcakOn June 26th, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. This decision makes it more important than ever to be able to confidently convey the Catholic vision of love, life, and morality to our children.The good news is that it's … [Read More...]

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Protecting YOUR Family’s “Heart Health”

Your family's spirituality is the heart of your home.  Do you know how to protect and nurture it?Are you attending to your family's heart health?   Your family's spiritual well-being represents the true heart of your family, the spiritual heart that pumps joy, meaning, and connection into your l … [Read More...]


Men Want MORE Romance–And Other Surprising Relationship Facts

Contrary to conventional wisdom, men really DO value romance in relationships!  So much so, in fact, that 33% of men are bothered "a lot" by the fact that their significant other isn't MORE romantic. … [Read More...]

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Yes, You CAN Raise Faithful Kids

What are your chances your children will own their faith?  Answer these 5 questions in my inaugural post in the National Catholic Register! For the Catholic parent, there is no more important task … [Read More...]

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Promoting NFP Just Means Catholics Don’t Believe in Being Stupid–Period.

<Sigh>The author of this piece  (arguing against universal NFP training in marriage prep) is responding to a piece I wrote last year for NFP Awareness Week.   And, although I know he is c … [Read More...]

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Family Spirituality: So What? Who Cares? & What’s In It For You?

If the idea of "family spirituality" sounds indescribably boring, oddly mysterious, or like a total luxury (and not in a good way) then you're not alone.  A recent study by Holy Cross Family … [Read More...]


Can Men and Women Be “Just Friends”? 1st in New Video Series with Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak

Check out the first in our brand new series of videos that Lisa and I did with  Here is the introduction to the first video on the question of male and female friendships by … [Read More...]

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New Research Suggests Porn is NOT an Addiction. It is a Compulsion. Here’s Why That Matters.

New research puts another nail in the coffin of the idea that pornography is an addiction.  First the study, then I'll explain why this matters for treating problem sexual behaviors and why it's GOOD … [Read More...]


Major Cheating Websites Hacked–Members Threatened with Exposure

According to KrebsOnSecurity"Large caches of data stolen from [a major] online cheating site [ed. note.  I have redacted the name of the site so as to not participate in the promotion of their … [Read More...]

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“You Make Me Sick!” The Surprising Ways Your Spouse May Be Undermining (or Helping) Your Health

Researchers consider it a well-establish fact that the quality of our relationships, in general, and our romantic relationships, in particular, wield huge influence over our physical health and … [Read More...]