Spiritual direction is a great way to grow closer to Jesus Christ and His church. Read more

We all have an inner voice. I’m not necessarily referring to the “Jiminy Cricket, conscience” type of inner voice, but rather, an inner sense that helps us identify emotions, opinions, make decisions, and so on. Because we have this constant inner voice, however, it is easy for us to get caught up in our personal monologue which could cause unnecessary anxiety. A new study by Dr. Mark Seery, an associate professor in the University of Buffalo’s Department of Psychology, found… Read more

Guest post by Deacon Dominic Cerrato, Ph.D. A life lived in faith has only one final goal, intimate communion with Jesus Christ. Without Him, life is empty and stripped of its ultimate meaning. With Him, we gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose. While perfect communion only exists when, at the end of our lives, we see God in the face; the nature of the Christian life is to grow in ever-deepening intimacy with Him during our earthly walk. Over… Read more

Does God really care about our sex lives? Read more

When you’re disagreeing with someone, don’t forget to pray for them. Read more

At the upcoming USCCB Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando, my wife and co-author, Lisa Popcak, will be leading a panel titled, The Family and Sexuality:  Challenges and Opportunities.  One of the first questions the panel will address is, “What is often overlooked when attempting to evangelize people about the Catholic vision of sex and love especially in marriage and family life?” Our response? The single most overlooked point  in communicating the importance of the Church’s view on sex in marriage… Read more

How much longer will people continue to perpetuate the myth that Hormonal Contraceptives are safe and healthy? Read more

Marriage is no place for lust and use. Read more

Want to enjoy a closer, more joyful family life?  As Pope Francis puts it, “Waste time with your kids.” Read more

When things get heated, our “fight or flight” response kicks in, but sometimes our reaction is to take the “fight” response a bit too literally. Read more

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