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Father Forgive Me, For I Am Angry: Further Reflections on “The Furious Mysteries”

It seems like anger is the topic of the day.  Earlier, my wife and I were discussing the Christian response to anger on More2Life Radio.  Shortly after I got off the air, I came across an article titled, The Furious Mysteries  in which America's Fr. James Martin reflects on what we are to make of Je … [Read More...]


Just Wait a Minute! (Why Patience Isn’t What You Think)

We were talking about patience on More2Life Radio today.  What it is, what it isn't, and how to get more of it.Patience, of course, is the virtue we all love to hate.  We all know we need it, but we sure as heck don't want to ask God to give it to us.  And yet, perhaps some of that reluctance is … [Read More...]

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Raising Children Who Love (or Don’t Hate) the Sacrament of Reconciliation

A guest blog by Kim Cameron-Smith, Contibutor to More2Life Radio and founder of www.IntentionalCatholicParenting.comI’ve heard that some people love going to Confession.  I personally don’t know an … [Read More...]


Beyond A Wing and A Prayer: A Catholic Vision of Masculinity

 Check out this terrific post at Catholic Exchange by Pastoral Solutions Institute clinical associate, Dave McClow.“A wing and a prayer” is a saying about a plane that is badly dama … [Read More...]

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Celebrate World Happiness Day with 7 Research-Based Ideas to Increase Your Joy! (My Favorite is #4).

The United Nations has declared March 20th to be World Happiness Day where nations are encouraged to explore how well they see to the overall well-being of their people.  At the heart of World … [Read More...]


Great FREE Parenting Resource–Tender Tidings E-Magazine is Out!

The latest edition of Tender Tidings e-magazine for Catholic parents is now available.  Check it out! … [Read More...]


What Happens in Vegas…Will Haunt Your Marriage Later. New Study Shows Pre-Marital Sex Decreases Marital Satisfaction.

The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia published a study called "Before 'I Do'" and found that what couples do before they say 'I do' actually matters — and that premarital e … [Read More...]


In Celebration of His Feast Day: 8 Reasons St. Joseph is the “Guardian of the Redeemer”

In 1989, Pope St John Paul the Great published his Apostolic Exhortation on St Joseph called Guardian of the Redeemer (Redemptoris Custos).  Here are 8 great quotes from that awesome document to help … [Read More...]

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On St. Joseph’s Feast Day, 15 Reasons Dads Matter (#15 Will Shock You!)

St. Joseph is the Patron of Fathers and in honor St Joseph's Feast Day today (March 19th), I thought it would be good to take some time to remind us all how important dads are.  Check out these great … [Read More...]

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Thanks for the Mammaries: Prolonged Breastfeeding Impacts Intelligence to Age 30, Says Lancet.

The link between prolonged breastfeeding and intelligence is well-established but this study, published in the esteemed British medical journal, The Lancet,  is the first to show just how long the … [Read More...]