3 Ways To Be A More Peaceful, Joyful Parent

Parenting is tough work,  But there are lots of joys too–even if we can sometimes lose sight of that. If you are feeling a little fried in your parenting life, here are 3 simple habits  you can practice to reclaim the joy of parenthood and celebrate a more peaceful family life. 1.Find the Eye of the Hurricane– Too often, when parenting is getting stressful we think “If I can just get X to happen, THEN I’ll feel some peace”  For… Read more

Making MARRIAGE Great Again: 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Relationship

Working on your marriage isn’t some selfish enterprise that just benefits you and your spouse.  In his Theology of the Body, Pope St. John Paul the Great reminds us that marriage plays a critical role in God’s plan for saving the world and that creating a beautiful marriage is the primary way that married people can bring people to Christ!  By putting energy into making our marriages strong, loving, understanding, and holy, we not only satisfy the deepest longings of… Read more

Can You Be Mindful And Still Feel Angry?

Mindfulness is a powerful technique for helping individuals develop a healthier relationship with their emotions.  Unfortunately, many individuals have fallen under the misunderstanding that practicing mindfulness means they will be completely at peace at all times. Then, when this doesn’t occur, they become more upset or believe that mindfulness doesn’t work. To combat this, we must first understand what mindfulness really is. Mindfulness is, essentially,  the ability to experience your emotions fully without feeling controlled by those emotions. Mindfulness allows… Read more

3 Ways To Unleash the Spiritual Power of Your Marriage

  What’s the point of marriage?  Do we even need it anymore?  If so, what for? If you ask a dozen people these questions, you may get a dozen answers, but the Catholic answers to these questions reveals a depth and spiritual power to marriage that many people don’t fully appreciate.  Simply put, Catholics believe that when a Christian couple gets married they are promising to be each other’s best hope for becoming everything God created them to be in… Read more

Here’s Why Abortion Remains THE Fundamental (and Non-Negotiable) Social Justice Issue of Our Time

It has become popular, as of late, to assert that abortion is just one of many important social-justice issues.  Many people correctly note that a host of other issues–from education, to immigration, to healthcare–are also extraordinarily important pro-life issues. Pope Francis, himself, has noted “all values are non-negotiable.”  And of course, he’s absolutely right. All truths are true–absolutely.  All needs are needs. All values are undeniably valuable. But if this is the case, does this mean that it is somehow… Read more

Can’t Believe the Trump Crowd-Kerfuffle? Here are 6 More “Alternative Truths” That Will Blow Your Mind!

It’s been interesting to watch the press’ reaction to the phrase “alternative truth” since, from my perspective, the secular media have been more than happy to accept any number of alternative truths progressives have been peddling for years.  These popular, progressive “alternative truths” include things such as…  Human life does not begin at conception.  Abortion is a good approach to healthcare for women. Hormonal Contraception is good medicine. Children raised in same-sex or cohabiting households do as well as children raised… Read more

Alternative Facts? 3 Ways to Solve Conflict When You Can’t Even Agree on What Happened

This past weekend saw  a lot of discussion about “alternative facts.” Whatever you think of the crowd-size kerfuffle between the Trump Admin and the press, the phrase, “alternative facts” points to a problem I often encounter in counseling; namely, how can you help two people solve a problem when they can’t even agree on what really happened?  Is the other person lying?  Are they stupid?  Exactly what is wrong with them anyway that they see things in such a radically… Read more

New Study Shows Talk Therapy Can Change Brain Function of Schizophrenics

Talk therapy can be best understood as physical therapy for the brain.  Many previous studies have been shown to have a positive impact on the brain functioning of depressed and anxious patients, changing the way clients’ brains process, feel, and respond to stress.  Exciting new research shows that even patients who suffer from psychosis (e.g., intrusive auditory and visual hallucinations) and schizophrenia can experience significant improvements in brain function as the result of talk therapy.   But how? Cognitive Behavioral… Read more

“I’m Just Mad About Saffron. And Saffron’s Mad About…Treating Depression.” New Study Says.

I’m just mad about saffron and saffron’s mad about me.  -Mellow Yellow by Donovan A new review of 6 randomized, controlled trials found that the spice, saffron, was as effective for treating depression as Prozac and Tofranil.  The sample sizes of the studies are small but the results are tremendously promising insofar as study participants using  saffron as an anti-depressant do not appear to suffer from the side effects that are common to pharmaceuticals, such as sleepiness, constipation and sexual… Read more

Liar, Liar: New Study Reveals 3 Types of Lies

New research points to three different ways we deceive others. Most people are aware of first two categories of lies; deception and withholding.  Deception, involves intentionally giving false information, and withholding, involves intentionally failing to disclose information.  But have you ever heard about “paltering?” Other than being a great SAT word, paltering involves misleading by telling the truth.  Often, a palterer uses truth in an overly-specific and legalistic way. For instance, imagine a philandering husband who had a one-night stand… Read more

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