66% of Kids On ADHD Meds Don’t Have ADHD, Says Scientific American

According to the American Psychiatric Association, about 5 percent of American children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), yet the diagnosis is given to some 15 percent of American children, many of whom are placed on powerful drugs with lifelong consequences. This is the … [Read More...]

When Every Child is Left Behind: Teaching “Stupid Faith”

My latest for OSV (online now and in the 10/16 print edition)Catholic children as young as 10 years old are renouncing God and quitting Church, claims a new study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown. According to lead researcher Mark Gray, children … [Read More...]

Pastoral Solutions Institute Seeks New Catholic Counselor to Join Team

The Pastoral Solutions Institute is pleased to announce that we are expanding and seeking a new Catholic therapist to join our team of professional Catholic counselors.  If you are interested, please … [Read More...]

Physical Exercise May Be Best Treatment for ADHD

The Atlantic reports on a new study published this morning in the journal Pediatrics....kids who took part in a regular physical activity program showed important enhancement of cognitive … [Read More...]

Secular Media Finally Admits: “The Pill” Causes Depression & Relationship Problems

Despite a new Pew survey reporting that only 4% of Americans and 13% of weekly Mass attending Catholics in the US think that contraception is morally wrong,  "the Pill" is getting belated, but w … [Read More...]

Are Gay Parents Magic? New Doubts About “No Difference” Hypothesis Between Gay and Straight Households

In academic psychology it is simply accepted that gay parents are "just as good" as heterosexual parents and that children raised in gay households turn out "just as well" as children raised in … [Read More...]

“Time to Stop Celebrating ‘Bad Moms'” Says Self-Proclaimed, “Bad Mom Pioneer.”

Kira Davis in The Federalist writes... I am O.G.bad mom, and have been for nearly 15 years now. I was bad mom before bad mom became acceptable. Letting the TV babysit my toddler for hours? Check. T … [Read More...]

New Study: Patient’s Environment May Determine Effectiveness of Antidepressants

It is an open secret in the mental health profession that although antidepressant do have an impact on depression, a large number of depressed patients get little to no relief from antidepressants. … [Read More...]

Over 500 Scholars Hold Press Conference to Promote Positive Value of Humane Vitae

Today, Catholic University of America held a press conference announcing the release of a document drafted by dozens of Catholic scholars and co-signed by over 500 theologians, social scientists, … [Read More...]

Can Christians Have “Healthy Shame” about the Body? (The Answer Isn’t What You Think).

Lisa Madrid Duffy posted a blog about the new sex ed curriculum published by the Pontifical Council for the Family.  (And to be honest, before you ask,  I haven't had a chance to thoroughly review it y … [Read More...]