World Meeting of Families Speakers Assert, “Family Life is an Activity, NOT an Accessory”

 "We need to rediscover the gift of family life; that family life is its own activity, not an accessory.  We can't simply "have" a family but work on everything else in our lives. Instead, we need to prioritize regular, daily and weekly appointments to work, play, talk, and pray together as … [Read More...]

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Spiritual Infidelity: A Crisis in Catholic Marriage

New study says 83% of Catholic couples are committing 'spiritual infidelity'.  Are YOU in a spiritual 'open marriage'? Over the last several weeks, infidelity has been a top story in the news after hackers released the records of 35 million users of a popular adultery website. According to t … [Read More...]

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“Christians Need Not Apply.” What Carly Fiorina Gets Wrong About Religious Liberty.

Republican Presidential hopeful, Carly Fiorina, was asked what she thought of the Kentucky Clerk of Courts who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of the law and a court … [Read More...]


Dr. Janet Smith Shows Real “COURAGE”

Earlier this month, there was a tremendous conference put together by moral theologian Janet Smith and Courage (a faithful Catholic org supporting people living with same-sex attraction) called Love … [Read More...]

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“Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome”–An Autopsy on the Death of Religious Faith

Reba Riley's memoir, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing describes her loss of religious faith in her early 20's and her subsequent attempt to assemble a meaningful spiritual … [Read More...]

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You CAN Raise Faithful Kids: Discover the SCIENCE of Passing on the FAITH!

A review of Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful KidsDr. Greg and Lisa Popcak’s new book, Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful Kids will … [Read More...]


Learning Love from My Cross: Men, Emotions, and Healing.

A Catholic Exchange article by my colleague, Pastoral Solutions Institute clinical pastoral counseling associate, Dave McClow, M.Div, LMFT.Every man is wounded or experiences suffering.  Because … [Read More...]

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8 Signs of An Emotional Affair

On More2Life Radio, we've been fielding a lot of questions about infidelity, emotional affairs, and so-called "work spouses."  The topic has been especially hot with the news stories of hackers … [Read More...]

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Hackers Post 32 Million Names of Affair Site Users.

Major news agencies are reporting that hackers have fulfilled their promise to release the names of 32 million subscribers of a popular website whose motto is "Life is short, Have an Affair."While … [Read More...]

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“Female Viagra” Released Despite Dangers. What YOU Need to Know.

 Sprout Phamaceuticals is touting the development of  a "female Viagara", brand name Addyi (generic, Flibanserin). If it were a better drug, this could be a tremendous help to a lot of … [Read More...]