3 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be Your Spouse’s BFF

Many people question whether husbands and wives should expect to be each other’s best friends. Spouses are often faced with difficulties throughout their lives and marriage, so how can they still be best friends with one another? While it may come as a surprise to some, over 83% of married couples r … [Read More...]

7 Keys to Raising Caring Kids

 At times, being a parent can feel extremely overwhelming. It can feel like so much work to help our kids be the  intelligent, happy, ambitious, and overall successful individuals we want them to be. The good news is that research shows that there is one quality—caring-- we can parent to … [Read More...]

The BeDADitudes: 8 Ways to Be An Awesome Dad

Pope Francis has called Jesus' Beatitudes  our "guide on the path of Christian life."   Of course, God leads by example.  As such, in addition to being a call to Christian discipleship, the Beatitudes … [Read More...]

Do Your Kids Have Problem Friends? 3 Things YOU Can Do

Check out my interview with Chloe Mooradian of Aleteia's For Her.Your son comes home from school with a new word that his friend taught him. Your little girl’s playmates are teaching her to be a l … [Read More...]

More2Life Hack: Living A More Joyful Life

It seems as though so many things in life are constantly trying to steal our joy. From politics, to work stress, to the craziness of daily life, it can be hard to find the joy in each day.We tend … [Read More...]

For Anxiety Disorders, CBT May Restore Brain’s Structural Balance

Do you struggle with anxiety on a regular basis—particularly anxiety induced by social situations? Well, you’re not alone. Experts have found that one in ten people are affected by social anxiety at so … [Read More...]

3 Simple Ways Stop Blaming And Start Reclaiming Your Power in Grace

In today’s world, placing blame is easier than ever. Outlets such as the news and social media allow us to say “it’s their fault!” without a second thought. Because of this, placing blame on others—or … [Read More...]

Ash Wednesday: When Mercy Rains Down

It's raining here, today. Hard.When I first woke up this morning and my eyes blinked open, I heard the rain pounding on my roof and the winds slapping against my window. My first thought was, "So … [Read More...]

More2Life Hacks—Bouncing Back from Tough Times in Marriage

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the various problems we all experience in marriage Sometimes, we can get so focused on the problems that we think things will never be different.   Here are three … [Read More...]

Kids on My Mind: Parenting Changes Dad’s Brain!

We've known for quite a while that parenthood facilitates changes in mom's brain that help her be more nurturing.  It turns out that being a hands-on parent changes dad's brain too!“Our findings ad … [Read More...]