Hey Parents, Do THIS to Get Teens to Listen!

Getting teens to listen can be a challenge, and when they don't, parents often tend to rely on criticism and negative consequences to "teach" their teens to make better choices in the future.  A new study suggests this might be counterproductive.The study, conducted by University … [Read More...]

Dr. Popcak Named Fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors

I am honored to be able to announce that I have been welcomed as a Fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.The AAPC fellowship process involves a lengthy review, by an interfaith committee of established AAPC Fellows, of the applicant's curriculum vitae, spiritual … [Read More...]

Soccer and the Sacred Heart: The Rhythm of Spiritual Fatherhood

A guest post by Pastoral Solutions Institute Associate Pastoral Counselor, Dave McClow, M.Div., LMFT.June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Father’s day also falls within the month, and s … [Read More...]

New Study Finds THIS Parenting Style Predicts Highest Rates of Success, Happiness, Morality in Adults…

Parenting can be tough work, and there are lots of different ideas about what it means to be a good parent, but with good information, every parent can be equipped to raise healthy, happy, godly kids. … [Read More...]

Condom Distribution Shown to Increase Teen Pregnancy Rates

 A new study finds that schools with condom distribution programs in the 1990s seem to have actually increased the rate of teenage pregnancies. “We find that access to condoms in schools i … [Read More...]

RIP Mary White, One of the Seven Original Catholic Founders of La Leche League, Dies at 93.

From WSJ.When Mary White and six other moms from the Chicago suburbs started an organization to encourage breastfeeding in 1956, they had to be careful about naming it.“They couldn’t say ‘br … [Read More...]


Lisa and I are honored and grateful to have been chosen to be the 2016 recipients of the Fr. Richard M. Hogan Award from the Couple to Couple League International (CCLI).  CCLI is internationally … [Read More...]

Got Guilt? Peace of Mind for Scrupulous Souls

Rhonda Ortiz at Integrated Catholic Life has an excellent piece on how to recognize and fight against scrupulosity. Here is her description of the three types of scrupulosity.1. Scrupulosity … [Read More...]

“How Do You Teach Your Boys Not To Rape?” Asks Mom

In a Facebook thread on the Brock Turner rape case, a mother posed the provocative question that serves as the title of this post,  "How do we teach boys not to rape?"It is a remarkable question. … [Read More...]

Cosmo and Vice Magazine Say Public Waking Up to Dark Side of The Pill

There have been two major secular articles in the last several months--one in Cosmopolitan and the other in the online pop mag Vice--that explore why women should think twice about their casual ac … [Read More...]