Separate But Equal? Why “Freedom of Worship” Makes Religious People Sit at Back of the (Church) Bus

In light of my earlier post advancing a secular, empirical argument for the value of public prayer, I've been engaged in an interesting discussion with a couple of atheist bloggers at Patheos on what religious freedom really entails (Note: the discussion occurred on a private forum and I don't have … [Read More...]


Prayer Works: A Psychological Case for Public Prayer and Graceful Governance

On the Patheos Atheist Channel, Jeffrey Jay Lowder posted an article titled, "Question for Theists:  Why Is It Important to Begin Governmental Meetings with Prayer?"  I appreciated the honest and respectful attempt to engage believers on this controversial issue--especially in light of Canada's high … [Read More...]


New Study: Probiotics May Help Ease Pain of Negative Thoughts/Depression.

From ScienceDaily.Linking probiotics and moodProbiotics are live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, are fundamental in improving digestion and immune function.  A new … [Read More...]


Life Changing Resources. Inspiration from Down Under

Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends a hug just when you need it most.  At the end of a VERY long week, Lisa and I just received this beautiful message from Down Under.  We thought we'd share it with you ( … [Read More...]


Creative Discipline that Works! Kathleen Basi Reviews a Great Idea for Raising More Virtuous Kids.

Kathleen Basi interviewed Lisa and I for an upcoming issue of Family Foundations.  Here's what she had to say about one of the discipline ideas we recommend in Parenting with Grace that we discussed in … [Read More...]

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Is Your Spouse Making YOU Sick?

Previous research has demonstrated a strong link between marital quality and physical health.  This most recent study examined to what degree a spouse's stress indirectly impact his or her mate's … [Read More...]

Quality or Quantity? New Study Resurrects Old Parenting Argument

More2Life Radio contributor and editor of Tender Tidings e-magazine for Catholic Parents, Kim Cameron-Smith, identifies 3 reasons this study has no teeth.  Check it out!    … [Read More...]


4 Ways Good Relationships Can Save Your Life

Researchers estimate that 40% of Americans feel lonely.  That's remarkable, considering that we're more connected than ever.  Unfortunately, there is some evidence suggesting that the kinds of c … [Read More...]

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Obedience As an Act of Love, NOT Fear

Laurel, a delightful Catholic mom over at MuffinDome Blog has a lovely reflection on the best way to command authentic obedience from your children. She offers her own insightful comments in response … [Read More...]

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Father Forgive Me, For I Am Angry: Further Reflections on “The Furious Mysteries”

It seems like anger is the topic of the day.  Earlier, my wife and I were discussing the Christian response to anger on More2Life Radio.  Shortly after I got off the air, I came across an article t … [Read More...]