“I’m Just Mad About Saffron. And Saffron’s Mad About…Treating Depression.” New Study Says.

I'm just mad about saffron and saffron's mad about me.  -Mellow Yellow by DonovanA new review of 6 randomized, controlled trials found that the spice, saffron, was as effective for treating depression as Prozac and Tofranil.  The sample sizes of the studies are small but the results are t … [Read More...]

Liar, Liar: New Study Reveals 3 Types of Lies

New research points to three different ways we deceive others.Most people are aware of first two categories of lies; deception and withholding.  Deception, involves intentionally giving false information, and withholding, involves intentionally failing to disclose information.  But have you ever … [Read More...]

Therapy Alone Is Better Than Meds or Combined Approach for Treating Anxiety, Says New Research

A new study found that cognitive therapy alone is the most effective treatment for anxiety, beating both medication-only and combined medication and therapy.  The ten-year study found that 85% of p … [Read More...]

Is Anxiety Sinful? A Faithful Response to the Problem of Fear

Of course, anxiety is not sinful, but saying that is little comfort to Christians who suffer with anxiety and feel that, somehow, they are letting God down by feeling the way they do. If you, or … [Read More...]

5 Tips For Avoiding Family Holiday Drama

Ah, Christmas. A solemn, joyful time of year for Christians, where silent and holy nights are de rigueur and Norman Rockwell springs eternal in the collective unconscious of the American mind.  And th … [Read More...]

New Study Finds Parental Conflict/Lack of Affection Impairs Brain Development in Teens

Once again, research shows that parenting styles directly impact brain development and predict the likelihood of emotional problems in adolescence and adulthood.New research finds that those … [Read More...]

This is Your Brain on Religion. Any Questions?

New research support the notion that religious faith is a neurological imperative of being human. a new study shows through functional MRI scans that such religious and spiritual experiences can be … [Read More...]

The Good Samaritan:  Not Just a Good Neighbor

A guest post by Pastoral Solutions Clinical Counselor, Dave McClow, M.Div., LMFT, LCSW.Providence is a powerful force—it’s God’s invisible hand guiding our lives.  I experience Providence in di … [Read More...]

Why So Down? Studies Show Humans Are Wired to Emphasize The Negative, UNLESS….

Why is it that we can do 100 things right but obsess about the 1 thing that went wrong?  Or, why do we ignore the dozens of things the people around us do to be kind but then fuss about the 1 thing … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Asserts the Power of Lay Catholics

Pope Francis recently raised eyebrows in his comments affirming the constant teaching of the Church that it is not possible to ordain women to the priesthood.  According to reports,As he has done … [Read More...]