Just THINKING About Marriage Inspires More Responsibility in Young Adults

Sociologically, we know that marriage, itself, socializes people.  For instance, very few violent crimes are  committed by married men as opposed to single or cohabiting men.  It turns out, however, that new research shows that even the thought that "I want to be married in the next five years" i … [Read More...]

A Different Kind of Fatherhood for All Men?

A guest blog by Pastoral Solutions Institute pastoral counseling associate, Dave McClow, M.Div., LISW, LMFT.The Ultimate Challenge, at least in this column, is about men and faith.  But today I will use an example of a fictional female character to illustrate a different kind of fa … [Read More...]

Why Most Bad Parenting Advice Begins with “But My Pediatrician Said…”

Let me say up front, this is NOT an article bashing the medical professions in general, or pediatricians, in particular.  I LOVE physicians.  I LOVE pediatricians ESPECIALLY.  They do tremendous (and o … [Read More...]

What’s Up With All Those Catholic “Rules” About Marriage?

My latest for OSV Newsweekly...I recently received the following question about the Church’s requirements for weddings and marriages:“My girlfriend is a Protestant, and her mother recently … [Read More...]

5 Ways Spiritual Direction Can Change YOUR Life

A guest blog by Deacon Dominic Cerrato, Ph.D., Director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute's Spiritual Direction Program.Traditionally, spiritual direction was most closely associated with clergy … [Read More...]

Twice As Much Sex Makes Relationships About Half As Good.

Sorry, guys.CARNEGIE MELLON RESEARCHERS FIND MORE SEX DOESN'T LEAD TO INCREASED HAPPINESSBy Shilo ReaCountless research and self-help books claim that having more sex will lead to increased … [Read More...]

Got Spiritual Direction? New Service Makes Catholic Spiritual Direction Available to Everyone.

You don't have to be a saint to want to draw closer to God or have more confidence in what he wants for your life.Spiritual direction is an important ministry that helps people at every stage of … [Read More...]

Antidepressants for a Bad Marriage Yield Depressing Results.

New research shows that doctors regularly diagnose patients as "depressed" when they complain about marital and relationship problems.  The problem is, being sad about a bad marriage isn't depression, … [Read More...]

Parents vs. iPhone: A Problem of Liturgy?

A guest blog by Pastoral Solutions Institute clinical counseling associate, Dave McClow, M.Div., LMFT, LISW.A 13-year-old boy, Peter, was anxious, even compulsive, melting down whenever his p … [Read More...]

When Daddy Doesn’t Go To Church….

I was honored to be asked for input on a terrific article by Marisa Sandora at For Her on this painful topic.  Here's a sample.So how can those of us in this situation try to convince our … [Read More...]