40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip of the Day, Wed 3/13: Remember Your Spouse!


We are busy with so many things.  Too often, we lack what psychologists call,  "object permanence."  We walk out the door and our loved ones "disappear."  We forget our spouse and kids (and they forget us) until we see each other again later that evening, but sometimes we are still to distracted to really connect.  Today, remember your spouse while you are apart.  Do something thoughtful to reach across the chasm.    Pick up some flowers.  Write a little note.  Do that thoughtful … [Read more...]

Coming Wed on M2L Radio: Driven to Distraction

COMING WED on M2L:  Driven to Distraction--We all live hectic lives but the Theology of the Body reminds us to take time to focus on the important things; relationship, our marriage, our family, being present to the people in our lives. Today we'll focus on getting control of the distractions that get in the way of us choosing "the better part."  We'll offer tips for getting your priorities in order and focusing your mind on the things that matter.  Call in from Noon-1pm E (11am-Noon C) at … [Read more...]

He Blinded Me with Science Part… the Third: The Final Chapter

I know... I know... different 80's science reference. But how often will I get a chance to use this pic on a Catholic blog?

The conversation continues... BOB:  "I’m asking for evidence for this remarkable claim"  (that Christian cosmology is necessary for science). Dr. Greg: You mean other than the entire academic discipline of the history of science?  I'm afraid you've got me there.   Start with Stanley Jaki's foundational book, "The Savior of Science."  Columbia University has a brief summary of some of his major points here. BOB:  "I’ve read this claim from other Christian thinkers, but I … [Read more...]

He Blinded Me With Science Part Deux: Just when you thought it was safe to leave God out of the lab…

images[4] (2)

The conversation continues... Bob:  Christianity is a newcomer. Agriculture, metalworking, and the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World preceded it, for example.   You’re simply noting the confluence of Christianity and science. What I need is cause. That it happened to be the meme at the time doesn’t give us cause.   For example, Isaac Newton was a Christian. Good thing, because his Cambridge position required a particular statement of faith. To say, “Take a look at the great … [Read more...]

Catholics and Protestants Look for Different Skills in their Counselors.


A few years ago, I published a study examining the different attitudes religiously committed Catholics and Protestants had toward counseling.  In particular, I was curious, considering the number of Catholics who go to generically "Christian" counselors, if Catholics were being well-served by Protestant counselors.  The study revealed some interesting results.  In a survey of over a 1000 respondents drawn from every diocese in the US, it was shown that, given the choice, religiously … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip of the Day, Tuesday 3/12: Make a Decision to Love


We've all heard that love is a decision.  Today put that notion into practice.  Imagine the day ahead and the time you will spend with your spouse.  Identify two things that you can do all on your own (i.e., don't require your spouse's cooperation or input) that would set the tone for a more loving day.  Will you give her the TV remote?  Make him a nicer-than-usual dinner? Do the dishes without being asked?  Wear that outfit he likes?  Be more patient with those mildly annoying habits?  … [Read more...]

He Blinded Me with Science: Conversations with an Atheist on The Christian Roots of Reason and Science


Over at the Atheist blog, Cross Examined, Bob Seidensticker, posted an article that examines the debt secular society owes to Christianity.  Last night, Bob and I agreed to attempt a respectful "interfaith" discussion about various topics, beginning with a look at the relationship between Christianity and the roots of science and reason.   Here is the first exchange in that discussion. Bob:   (Here's) a popular article argues that all of us—atheists, too—owe a great debt to … [Read more...]

Coming Tues on More2Life Radio: Decisions, Decisions…

COMING TUES:  DECISIONS, DECISIONS-- As the Cardinals meet today to begin deciding who will be our next Pope, we reflect those difficult decisions in our own lives.  We'll look at those times when its hard to know we're making the best choice, how to avoid "paralysis by analysis", and how to be more confident in the big and small decisions you make every day.  Call in from Noon-1pm E (11am-Noon C) at 877-573-7825. Don't forget to answer the M2L FB question of the day:  1)  Describe your … [Read more...]

40 Day to A Better Marriage, Monday 3/11: 4 Steps to Becoming a Mindful Spouse


A good marriage is a mindful marriage.  Today, I'm encouraging you to do something small to cultivate a spirit of mindfulness  in your marriage.  Step one?  Read this Faith on the Couch post on what mindfulness is and how it can be a blessing to you life.  Step Two:  Think about the way you react to your spouse.  Choose one of those less pleasant reactions and ask yourself how you would like to respond instead.  Assume that you would feel just as irritated, annoyed, or frustrated as … [Read more...]

The Mindful Catholic


"Mindfulness" is a quality psychologists define as the ability to be (1) present in the moment and (2) consciously able to choose the best response out of a number of emotional possibilities.  Mindfulness is the opposite of being reactive.  For instance, if my kid was getting on my nerves and I was being reactive, I would feel angry and yell at him  But if my kid was getting on my nerves and I was being mindful, I would feel angry, be aware of that anger, and be able to decide whether this … [Read more...]