CNN posted an article today asking if it’s OK to “spy” on your kids’ texts and posts to social media. I’ve heard this question before and it always strikes me as odd.  Generally speaking, I agree with the parent in the article who said, “It isn’t spying.  It’s parenting.”  But more than that, I think that we need to cultivate the kind of relationships in our families that make talking about and sharing our lives a natural thing.  As a… Read more

According to Dr. Melissa Bartick, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the strong stance against  infant co-sleeping/bed-sharing previously taken by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control may have actually caused more infant injuries and deaths. As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics is currently reviewing its safe-sleep recommendations. Dr. Bartick notes the problems with the original recommendations. the AAP’s statement from which it comes is based on just four papers. Two of… Read more

Research consistently shows that secure attachment is directly related to robust moral reasoning, empathy, emotional stability, and relational satisfaction.  By contrast, people with insecure attachments are more likely to be self-centered, emotionally reactive, impulsive, and dissatisfied with their relationships.   Secure attachment is essential to what people more casually refer to as an emotionally, well-adjusted child. A new study shows a dramatic drop in the number of young adults in the US who exhibit secure attachment.  In this latest study… researchers… Read more

It might seem strange to think that people would study humility, but positive psychology (the branch of psychology that studies well-being) is interested in fostering virtue as an important part of leading a happy and healthy life.  This is one of the first studies, however, looking at what, exactly humility is and how it benefits us. Hardy’s analysis found two clusters of traits that people use to explain humility. Traits in the first cluster come from the social realm: Sincere,… Read more

Ah, Christmas. A solemn, joyful time of year for Christians, where silent and holy nights are de rigueur and Norman Rockwell springs eternal in the collective unconscious of the American mind.  And then it happens…. You try–contrary to what conventional wisdom says about the subject–to go home again. Now, let me state right up front that this article is not for those of you who can’t wait to fly home and reenact your own Currier and Ives Christmas in all your old haunts… Read more

If you had to pick two qualities that characterize the spirit of Christmas, you could hardly do better than kindness and generosity. It turns out that kindness and generosity are the two qualities that, more than any other, distinguish happy couples from the also-rans.   New research by the Gottman Relationship Institute says that happy couples exhibit significantly higher degrees of kindness and generosity than less happy couples.  Of course, you might be tempted to say “Well, that’s obvious!”  but… Read more

A lot of my fellow Catholic patheosi have been engaging the torture debate in light of the recent report from congress.  I will leave the moral dimensions of the debate to more able hands–it is sufficient for me to know that our faith deems torture an offense against the dignity of the person (c.f., Evangelium Vitae and Splendor of the Truth).  As the Patheos Catholic Channel’s resident shrink, I figured I’d limit myself to reporting on some recent research that… Read more

The latest issue of Tender Tidings, the e-magazine for intentional Catholic parents is out! Here are some of the great things you’ll find inside: Sleep stories from intentional parents, tips for getting more sleep, the science of safe co-sleeping What can the Holy Family teach us about parenting? Dr. Greg provides tips for getting young children to pay attention during Mass. An authentic (but easy) king cake for the Feast of the Epiphany PLUS MORE! Go here to access the… Read more

We all know that marriage changes us, but new research in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships looks at exactly how that process happens and the specific changes we can expect to see based on the way we respond to the ups and downs of married life.  According to the study, there are 4 ways couples change as a result of their marriage, two of which are positive and two are negative. Positive Marital Changes Self-Expansion:  Is the tendency to develop… Read more

My latest ParentRx Q&A Column from the upcoming issue of Tender Tidings. My five-year-old daughter still throws temper tantrums occasionally, which are usually triggered by not getting her way with something that seems rather trivial to us. Sometimes we have no idea what caused the tantrum, and have a hard time getting her to tell us what happened.  What is the best way to help her calm down and talk to us when she is in the midst of screaming,… Read more

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