Kids on My Mind: Parenting Changes Dad’s Brain!

We've known for quite a while that parenthood facilitates changes in mom's brain that help her be more nurturing.  It turns out that being a hands-on parent changes dad's brain too!“Our findings add to the evidence that fathers, and not just mothers, undergo hormonal changes that are likely to fa … [Read More...]

Unhappy Marriage? New Study Reveals 1 Simple Trick Can Turn Things Around.

According to a new study by the UK's Marriage Foundation, 70% of couples who said they were in unhappy marriages reported being happy 10 years later.  Of those, 30% of the formerly unhappy couples were "extremely happy."  This was especially true for couples who were feeling the strain a growing f … [Read More...]

Not Listening! Three More2Life Hacks for How to Get Your Feelings Heard

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to get your family, friends, or significant other to listen to your feelings and meet your needs. Here are three More2Life hacks, inspired by my book, God Help Me, … [Read More...]

Almost Two-Thirds of Children Worry “All The Time”

We tend to assume that kids have it better than ever, but in reality, parents may have reasons to be concerned. New research shows that two-thirds of children worry “all the time.”The men … [Read More...]

3 Ways To Be A More Peaceful, Joyful Parent

Parenting is tough work,  But there are lots of joys too--even if we can sometimes lose sight of that.If you are feeling a little fried in your parenting life, here are 3 simple habits  you can p … [Read More...]

Making MARRIAGE Great Again: 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Relationship

Working on your marriage isn’t some selfish enterprise that just benefits you and your spouse.  In his Theology of the Body, Pope St. John Paul the Great reminds us that marriage plays a critical role … [Read More...]

Can You Be Mindful And Still Feel Angry?

Mindfulness is a powerful technique for helping individuals develop a healthier relationship with their emotions.  Unfortunately, many individuals have fallen under the misunderstanding that … [Read More...]

3 Ways To Unleash the Spiritual Power of Your Marriage

 What’s the point of marriage?  Do we even need it anymore?  If so, what for?If you ask a dozen people these questions, you may get a dozen answers, but the Catholic answers to these q … [Read More...]

Here’s Why Abortion Remains THE Fundamental (and Non-Negotiable) Social Justice Issue of Our Time

It has become popular, as of late, to assert that abortion is just one of many important social-justice issues.  Many people correctly note that a host of other issues--from education, to immigration, … [Read More...]

Can’t Believe the Trump Crowd-Kerfuffle? Here are 6 More “Alternative Truths” That Will Blow Your Mind!

It's been interesting to watch the press' reaction to the phrase "alternative truth" since, from my perspective, the secular media have been more than happy to accept any number of alternative truths … [Read More...]