Something Borrowed, Something BLUE. What’s Behind, “Sad Bride Syndrome”?

Not all brides are blissful after the wedding day.  Recent reports indicate a startling rise in post-wedding depression among some brides.  Although the old rhyme says "something borrowed, something blue" it's hard to imagine that's what the verse is referencing. According to The Science of Rel … [Read More...]


Discover The Hidden Truth About Your Ultimate Destiny in Christ.

Psalm 82 states: “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you”St. Clement of Alexandra says: He who listens to the Lord, and follows the prophecy given by Him, will be formed in the likeness of the teacher – made a god going about in flesh.St. Augustine: If we have been made sons of God, … [Read More...]

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Reclaim the Calm: 5 Hints for Healing an Angry Heart

No one likes to be angry, but we all do become angry from time to time--and we all have to contend with the anger of others fairly regularly.  Christians have a difficult relationship with anger. … [Read More...]

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For Teens, Religious Involvement Prevents Early Sex But Early Sex Kills Religious Involvement

From The Sexual Health LaboratoryRelatively extensive evidence has established that more religious adolescents tend to delay first sexual intercourse. In a paper that Sara Vasilenko and I p … [Read More...]

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Deliver Them From Evil: Teaching Your Children to Resist the Occult

Yesterday, I posted an article about what parents needed to know about a new "game" that middle-school children are playing in which they attempt to summon an erstwhile demon named "Charlie" who … [Read More...]

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Man & Twin Hurt Hurling Bricks at Each Other During Argument

Now, here are two guys who could really have used a copy of God Help Me, These People Are Driving Me Nuts! From FOXNews--"Well, they're worth battery charges for twin 52-year-olds after officials say … [Read More...]


Where’s Charlie? What Catholic Parents Need to Know About “the Charlie Challenge”

It seems to have come out of nowhere and gone viral in an instant.  There is a new "game" sweeping middle schools called "The Charlie Challenge."  Superficially, it seems like a silly, harmless, c … [Read More...]

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Living Inauthentically Causes Us to Feel Morally Tainted

According to a report published by PsychCentral.  A new study suggest that the human drive for authenticity — being true to ourselves and living in accordance with our values — is so fundamental that w … [Read More...]

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Feelings of Awe Inspire Greater Generosity, New Study Finds

According to a story published at PsychCentral, "People who experience feelings of awe tend to exhibit more altruistic, helpful, and positive social behaviors, according to a new study published in … [Read More...]

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The Divine Human: New Age Blasphemy or Christian Destiny?

(The following is excerpted from my forthcoming book, Broken Gods: Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart (available in stores June 2, 2015).  Pre-Order your copy TODAY!)There is … [Read More...]