Historical Mormon Smackdown: FARMS Edition

A quickie (I am very busy of late):

Who do you think best exemplifies the spirit of FARMS: Jack Welch or Daniel Peterson?

Vote away!

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  • http://ethesis.blogspot.com/ Stephen M (Ethesis)

    In a very real way, Jack Welch is FARMS wyter.

  • David J


    Peterson’s work sometimes eludes me. Jack seems to have a firm grip on many, many topics and utilizes them jointly.

  • will

    Hard to say, since Peterson plays offense and Welch plays defense. And Jan Shipps is special teams.

  • http://thezigguratofmusings.blogspot.com/ David J

    will, would you say that Welch then is more of a defensive tackle or a cornerback? who then would be the place-kicker?

  • http://ldsliberationfront.blogs.com RoastedTomatoes

    Voting for DP, but I think there’s a difficulty here. The question is about the spirit of FARMS. Well, there seem to be two spirits of FARMS: the spirit behind the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies and similar publications (sometimes interesting and helpful; rarely aggressive; not that widely read), and the spirit behind the FARMS Review of Books and related activism (usually aggressive; oriented toward personal take-downs as much as thoughtful consideration of ideas; quite widely read). DP’s written persona seems to be the epitome of the spirit of the FARMS Review, whereas Welch’s written persona seems to reflect the JBMS spirit.

    So the tie-breaker goes to the relative influence of each family of FARMS publications. Hence, Brother Peterson’s the man.