Introducing FaithHopeLove

Well, we’re growing today. I would also ask you to give a warm welcome to Jon (aka FaithHopeLove). He is an old friend of the family with an interesting religious past (which I will let him reveal in due time). He is what he had to say by way of introduction:

My name is Jon (no H) and I have known John C. for more than 20 years.
The earliest memory I have of him is that he refused to eat tomatoes
because he thought they were gross. Now, it appears that he’ll eat
just about anything.

I’m on the cusp of 35, married, no children, but three beautiful
cats. I’ve lived in Utah for 12 years, and that’s about 12 years too
long for me. I long to be back in the tropics of Florida, but, alas,
my wife has strong ties to family here.

In case you were wondering, my username comes from an album
title by the progressive rock band, King’s X.

Please welcome FHL to FPR.

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  • Ben S.

    Welcome to you too, FHL. Don’t want David J. hoggin’ all the love.

  • J. Watkins

    Welcome gentlemen. John, two things: 1. you are typing a whole lot these days. I mean, four articles here in three days!? How will your BoM students ever recover? 2. Opening up the ol’ blog huh? Trying to get in with the big boys (ie. other multiple contributor blogs)? Sounds fun anyway. Look forward to reading more than one post a week.