Gaining Mass

FPR is pleased to announce that it is no longer an isle of the sea, but a “whatever a founder is”. The only change around here is the acknowledgement of the other founders in a place of honor on the sidebar. Also, I am now contractually obligated to bash on T&S until they ask me to guest-post.

Thanks be to all the fine bloggers, readers, and commenters around here. Hopefully, we’ll keep on providing good stuff.

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  • Oh, I think that is a typo. We actually call ourselves the “flounders”.

    In any case, welcome aboard John and crew!

  • FaithHopeLove

    One comment on the layout: for some reason, the Mormon Archipelago image link overflows, so that it is on top of the topmost title.

    Would it be possible to resize the image so that it fits? Alternatively, could you pull out that left margin?


  • John C.

    I think the new button looks better. I have had problems with viewing the format in IE though. I’m working on it.