March Mormon Doctrine Madness: Final Four announcement [corrected]

The Elite Eight results are:

1 – Joseph Smith 23
9 – Gordon B. Hinckley 22

11 – Restoration of Priesthood Authority 24
12 – Saving Ordinances 11

1 – The Book of Mormon 31
8 – The 2nd Official Declaration 4

6 – Sacrament Meeting 26
10 – Relief Society 7

The final four matches are:

1 Joseph Smith vs. 11 Restoration of Priesthood Authority

1 Book of Mormon vs. 6 Sacrament Meeting

Wow! That Joseph Smith/Gordon B. Hinckley match came down to the wire (overtime, even)
[edited to reflect the actual bracket]
Also, after yesterday’s games, I suddenly don’t feel so bad about having an 11 seed make the final.

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