Mergers and Acquisitions

We here at Faith-Promoting Rumor are pleased to announce a merger with the folks at Urban Mormonism. They have agreed to join forces with us here in an effort to get posts up here by people other than Mogget and Lxx. I, for one, am pleased as punch as I will finally have time for my magnum opus: The use of the Hebrew preposition b as a directional marker for the position of Kolob within the context of the Book of Mormon Isaiah passages. Coming soon to a “Know Your Religion” fireside near you!

The Urbanites will be introducing themselves shortly. Please welcome them.

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  • Ronan

    Excellent news.

  • lxxluthor

    Many welcomes to all y’all. HP, I’m absolutely giddy with anticipation now. :) Can you come to my ward? Pleeeease?